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Flyers Corner Joins TCL-Flyers

Here at The Checking Line- Flyers Edition, we're proud to announce a new home for the Flyers Corner Radio show. 

Over the past couple years, Flyers Corner has had he good fortune of growing in popularity with dedicated listeners. We hope to continue that legacy with the new opportunity that presented itself. 

For those of you who don't know what Flyers Corner is about, here's a brief overview.

FC is a show co-hosted by Dustin Leed, a NHL credentialed media member of The Hockey Guys and Fourth Period Magazine. The show was started by Dustin and his insight on the Flyers is about as good as it gets.

Seth Hastings, the founder of 'Hartnell Down' also co-hosts the show. He's been a Flyers fan since day one and always brings his passion for the team on air.

Mark Trible, the content manager and head credentialed writer at TCL-Flyers is the third and final co-host.

The show has welcomed respected voices from around the NHL as well as players. With a combination of light-hearted conversation and serious insight on the team, Flyers Corner brings a little bit of everything to the table.  

As we move forward with this partnership, we hope to be able to bring you the best coverage in Flyers audio that you can find. 

The show plays live here, and is available for archived listens and podcast download shortly after completion. 

If you have any questions about the show, please feel free to contact us either in the comments section or at We welcome any and all feedback, as we want to make the show as beneficial to the fans as possible. Also, don't be afraid to tweet the show here.

Hopefully as things get rolling, we can have many of the talented writers from TCL-Flyers and The Checking Line as a whole on the show to help give the fans as much to listen to that they can handle! 

Dustin, Mark, and Seth addressed the team's addition of Nicklas Grossman, the Flyers big win over Buffalo, and the merger with TCL-Flyers in Thursday's edition of FC. 

Without further ado, give it a listen! 


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Matt Cefalu's picture

Awesome show guys. Would love to start something like this for the Hawks!

George Prax's picture

e-mail me Wink

Matt Cefalu's picture

Will do. Just emailed the Hawks staff about it.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Wow this is pretty cool guys, great work! Ditto on what Matt said lol

SwiftOnSports's picture

It's an excellent program. I'm looking forward to hearing the input and opinions of other Flyers bloggers, and writers on the show, now that it's found a permanent home here.