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Sources: These are the Winter Classic Jerseys

David Isaac of Philadelphia Sports Daily reported that sources said the real Flyers Winter Classic jerseys will not be the "Tony the Tiger"-deemed threads. Instead, the jerseys will look like this:

The design was leaked back in September before the official Classic announcement and the naming of Chris Pronger as captain. Many speculated these to be the jerseys and the sources didn't fully confirm the new design but said it is a high likelihood these are official.

DC Visual Arts created the above sign. But they also created the other design that has duped fans and has been sold already. Those are confirmed to NOT be the Winter Classic jerseys.

The officiall announcement will be coming "soon," Issac wrote in his post.

Remember, these are not "official" but they are one step closer than what is known so far of the jerseys. The Rangers jerseys were not officially confirmed either.


Mark Trible's picture

If this is indeed the sweater, it's nice and classy. Would be a solid effort. I prefer black (WITH COOPERALLS OF COURSE), but I know they wanted to get away from black.

George Prax's picture

I think I like the Rangers one better. Flyers jersey seems, I dunno, a little too safe.

John Russo's picture

Better safe than sorry, right George?

Mark Trible's picture

Praxy, you're right. needed something like this O_O

George Prax's picture

I actually like the barbershop jersey. Although I admit its a little ridiculous lol.

Mark Trible's picture

^ most liberal usage of the word 'little' of all time

Matthew Brigidi's picture

I'm just happy they didn't go with the tony the tiger jerseys

John Russo's picture



Matthew Brigidi's picture


Ebbon Derr's picture

these should be the classic jerseys

John Russo's picture

I'm more into these...