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Step back from that ledge my friends

Things are bad in Philadelphia.

With the Philadelphia Flyers currently in the midst of a mini-slump that has seen the team lose six of their last eight games, some fans seem like they are starting to eye up the Ben Franklin Bridge a little too seriously these days.

Before you make any plans to take an Olympic dive into the Delaware, take a step back, breath easy and put things into perspective.

Things could be a lot worse.

While the team is clearly underperforming, there have been some shining moments during this rough patch.

Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds are playing out of their minds. The two have combined for a total of 13 points and have each scored five goals over the span.

After suffering through a 13-game goalless drought, Claude Giroux ended his own slump with four goals.

In the feel good hit of the second half (so far), Max Talbot eclipsed his career high in goals when he scored number 14 on Sunday.

In terms of the rest of the team, well, there’s not much to be happy about.

Daniel Briere and Jaromir Jagr have not looked particularly strong in their most recent games; the six man d-corps continues to display flaws; and the defense in a general sense (meaning all the skaters wearing Flyers jerseys) have done a poor job in their own zone.

Obviously, the goaltender situation has already been talked to death.

It’s easy to say that the group has flamed out (and that very well could be true) but it’s also just as likely that this is a mid-season lull.

The team obviously has problems, but over the course of an 82-game season it’s only natural for any team to hit a few bumps in the road.

Take the Detroit Red Wings for example.

The Red Wings opened the season 5-0-0 and then lost a nationally televised game against the Washington Capitals (another unbeaten team at the time), 7-1.

The embarrassing loss ended up being the first of a six-game losing streak that saw the team score less than two goals in each of the six games.

They ultimately snapped the streak in a 5-0 win against the Anaheim Ducks at Joe Louis Arena. It was the first win of what is currently a twenty game (and counting) winning streak at home.

In addition, the Boston Bruins started the season in terrible fashion.

The reigning Stanley Cup Champions went 3-7-0 in the first month of the season before going a combined 23-3-1 in November and December.

Are these two teams applicable to the Flyers struggles? Maybe not.

However, it’s important to remember that the NHL season is long. More marathon than sprint, the road to the league’s second season is full of ebbs-and-flows.

If anything, these two examples prove that things can change on a dime in this league. In a nutshell, it’s all about getting hot at the right time.

Before you allow a disappointing stretch of games to ruin the season for you, realize that there is still almost two months left in it.

Obviously, the team’s downward spiral at the end of last year is a shadow that looms large over this year’s team. It’s already starting to surface how concerned some fans are that this group will meet a similar fate.

However, there are 26 games left in the season, which is basically an eternity by NHL standards. While a lot of bad can happen in 26 games, a lot of good can happen too.

Enjoy the rest of the season and see how things play out.

Besides, the Delaware will be so much easier to handle in warmer weather.


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