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Shea Weber Offer Sheet: Philadelphia Is 'Best Fit For Shea,' Says Agent

On Thursday afternoon, Shea Weber’s agent Jarret Bousquet of Titan Sports Management called into ESPN Radio 97.3 to discuss the offer sheet that was given to the restricted free agent early on Thursday morning by the Philadelphia Flyers.

According to Bousquet, trade talks started to pick up in the last couple days and when it became clear that the talks were going nowhere, the Flyers submitted the offer sheet.

Via ESPN 97.3:

We had been talking in the last day or two regarding a trade with a few different teams in the mix but I think after speaking with Shea and my partner Kevin, we just felt like Philadelphia was a fit and when a trade couldn’t happen in Philadelphia, the offer sheet was put in…fairly quickly actually.

Now that the Flyers have submitted the 14-year, $110 million offer sheet, the Nashville Predators will have seven days to decide if they wish to match it.

In the past, the team’s general manager David Poile made it clear that Nashville was going to match any offer tendered to Weber.

When the Predators released a statement on Thursday following the Flyers offer, Poile was seemingly less decisive in his opinion on what the team’s plans where.

Bousquet had no insight into the situation.

I don’t know what their plan is. I haven’t spoken with David Poile today or since the offer went in so I’m not sure what they’re thinking.

What the agent did have insight to was his client’s feelings on where he’d like to play, making it clear that he would like to move on from Nashville.

I think we felt that there are better fits for him right now at this point in his career. He just got engaged, he wants the security now, he wants to be on a consistent contender for the Stanley Cup and I think we need to look at working under this CBA because of the uncertainty coming up in September.

Clearly, the 26-year old defenseman is interested in cashing in on a big, long-term contract under the current collective bargaining agreement, because it is largely assumed that contracts exceeding five-years in length will be outlawed in the new CBA.

With that being said, it is seems as though Weber would like to conclude his career in Philadelphia.

According to a report by Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News, Weber visited the Flyers training facility and spent time with the management group two weeks ago.

Katie Strang of ESPN is reporting that Weber met with the New York Rangers as well but didn't want to live in Manhattan, proving that Weber is interested in more than just the money.

In fact, Bousquet discussed that Weber was intrigued by Philadelphia's franchise history and believes that he is the final piece in the team’s Stanley Cup puzzle.

It came down to Philadelphia being the best fit for Shea at this point. You don’t sign an offer sheet unless you think it’s the best fit. It’s definitely where he’d like to be playing.



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110 million will make any franchise the "best fit."