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Rob Zombie Discusses 'Broad Street Bullies' Film; Says 'It Will Be Gory'

With an offseason full of interesting twists and turns, one of the most surprising developments with the Philadelphia Flyers occurred away from the on-ice product when it was confirmed that director/musician/producer Rob Zombie had optioned the rights to produce a film about the Broad Street Bullies.

While the project is still in the research stages, with Zombie reading everything he can about the Flyers legendary teams from the mid-70s, the director told ESPN that it is his most anticipated project to date.


“Everyone is into it,” Zombie said. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” 

He went onto say that after viewing the 2011 baseball biopic, Moneyball, that he had to make the film.

Known for specializing in horror films, Zombie stated that the movie would not be, by definition, in the genre, but that the imposing nature of the team may help illicit those same kinds of dynamics inadvertently.

“Maybe unintentionally,” he said. “It will be the true story. It will be gory.”

“It will be a period piece,” he said. “Philadelphia was a terrible place in those days. It was also the time of Watergate and the gas shortage and Patty Hearst. It was social upheaval at the time.”

The project is still a long-ways away from beginning production as Zombie is wrapping up his latest film, Lords of Salem, and will have a remix compilation of his classic songs released on Aug. 7 in addition to a 28-city tour with Marilyn Manson this fall.

He is also expected to begin writing and recording a new album with his band.


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John Russo's picture

I would pay the full ticket price just to see Dave Schultz cut someone's head off in this movie.

George Prax's picture

Actually looking forward to this. Hockey movies are seldom unwatchable (I don't want to say "bad" because there have been some that are so bad they're good). Posted this over at BWP too, Matt. Checking Line: Rob Zombie Discusses 'Broad Street Bullies' Film | Better With Popcorn