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Rinaldo suspended two games

A little after 7 p.m. on Monday night, the NHL announced that Philadelphia Flyers forward Zac Rinaldo has been suspended two games for an illegal hit in Sunday night’s 4-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

Brendan Shanahan, the head of the NHL’s department of player safety announced via video that Rinaldo was being suspended for two reasons:

  1. He illegally launched himself into another player
  2. Had been fined twice just five games earlier

The play occurred at the 13:25 mark of the first period as the Flyers attempted to gain control of the Detroit zone on a dump-and-chase.

Rinaldo and line mate Sean Couturier attacked the zone as Detroit defender Jonathan Ericsson gathered the puck behind the net.

With Rinaldo pursuing one side and Couturier pursuing the other, Ericsson made a quick decision and sent the pass to the direction-facing Couturier.

With Ericsson admiring his own pass, Rinaldo pounced at the opportunity to administer a kill shot. He leveled the defender and was called for charging on the play.

After viewing the NHL’s analysis of the play, it is clear that Rinaldo left his feet and had committed an infraction. Shanahan even noted that the hit was clean until Rinaldo launched himself to committ the hit.

He will now miss the team’s next two games.

In terms of what this means for the Flyers lineup on Thursday against the Buffalo Sabres, it still remains to be seen what they plan to do.

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Caleb Pass's picture

I kinda had a feeling this was coming. I don't know if its the homer in me talking, but I don't think he should have gotten called for that. When I watch the clip of the hit, I notice that his feet DO leave the ice, but its after he makes the hit. Not before. Ah well.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Haha he got Ericsson good! Thanks Rinaldo for making my night lol