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Rick Nash Rumors: Flyers, Blue Jackets Engaging In Talks, According To Report

In a report filed by Tim Panaccio of, the Philadelphia Flyers are once again engaging in discussions with the Columbus Blue Jackets about acquiring Rick Nash.

Via the report on CSN Philly:

Columbus general manager Scott Howson apparently wants both Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier or one of them with several other players.

For obvious reasons, this is holding up the deal.

Couturier is considered an untouchable asset in the Flyers system and has been portrayed as an instant deal breaker in any discussion with any team regardless of the return player.

Schenn has become complicated because of the acquisition of his brother Luke in the James van Riemsdyk trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs last week. Not only is Brayden a valuable player who the team would like to hold onto, but he and his brother have become marketing tools for the organization as well.

It doesn’t seem like the Flyers have any interest in parting with either player at this time and that the trade proposal makes no sense.

This leads to the discussion of ulterior motives.

The New York Rangers have been rumored as heavy players for Nash for months now and some reporters believe that this story potentially could be a play to drive up the Rangers offer for Nash.

With the Penguins being tied to Zach Parise and now the Flyers starting to talk to Columbus about Nash, the Rangers find themselves facing two division rivals who are trying to get better.

This could be a play by Howson to force the Rangers hand.



Panaccio’s report doesn’t say that the Flyers are starting the talks, it just says what the Blue Jackets are asking.

With free agency only hours away, some GM’s may start to get itchy trigger fingers and a story like this may help push them over the edge to make a deal.



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Andrew Schopp's picture

I agree. After the Nash fiasco at the trade deadline, both Columbus and Nash will be eager to get a deal done once and for all. The idea of Nash playing relevant hockey is all to exciting.

John Russo's picture

What do the Flyers even have left to offer? Pass.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Now even Detroit is in the how does that happen?