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Max Talbot Videos Part of Viral Marketing Campaign For Assassin's Creed III?

Philadelphia Flyers forward Maxime Talbot has utilized his time off during the NHL lockout in a whole host of productive ways.

In addition to putting together a charitable pickup hockey tour with teammate Bruno Gervais called “La Tournee des Joueurs,” Talbot has also been seen in two peculiar video clips displaying a set of unique skills.

Most notably, one-finger pushups and the ability to shoot a hockey puck out of mid-air with an arrow.

While these productions may be Talbot branching out his skill sets and picking up some hobbies during his extended offseason, it now appears the videos have a more defined purpose.

It seems the videos are part of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III video game, which is going to be released in late October by Ubisoft.

While there has been no official release by Ubisoft or Talbot, there are subtle hints in the videos that key the two are tied.

In the first video, Talbot is wearing a beaked hood over his head (which is one of the key characteristics of the main character in the games) while participating in a new workout. According to the info box provided underneath the video on YouTube, the workout is called, “The Assassin.”

In addition, you can see the Assassin’s Creed brand logo on the back of Talbot’s hood as well as appearing on the flag on the wall.

In the second video, Talbot is using a bow and arrow, which is one of the new weapons that will be featured in the game.

If that isn't evidence enough, the sweatshirt worn by Talbot in the videos is available in Ubisoft's official webstore.

Max Talbot; gritty forward, hockey organizer and video game pitchman. Rather envious resume, don't you think?


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