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Matt Carle Free Agency: Extension With Flyers Expected To Be Announced July 1, According To Report

Late Monday night, it was reported by Dustin Leed of The Hockey Guys that pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Matt Carle is going to sign an extension with the Philadelphia Flyers on July 1, the opening day of free agency. 

According to Leed, a finalized deal has yet to be agreed upon but a final agreement is close, which is expected to extend Carle for at least three years and should be in the range of $12.75 million. If that is what the deal ends up being, Carle would have a friendly annual cap-hit of around $4.25 million, which is well below the expected $5-plus million he was expected to earn on the open-market.

Hypothetically, this substantiates Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren's statements during exit interviews where he said the club could get Carle at a home-town discount. 

“Could we get him under market value?," Holmgren asked back on May 10. "I think we probably could.”

The reasoning for that is because Carle has enjoyed his time in Philadelphia and wants to make a home in the area. Not to mention, he understands the quality of talent on the team.

Here are his comments via The Hockey Guys:

“There’s no question I want to be here, the past four years have been great and I really feel like Philly has become a second home for my family and me,” Matt Carle said. “The guys on this team are unbelievable and I know this is a team built for winning now and for years to come.”

According to Carle's agent, everyone on the player's side wants to get a deal done.

“It’s our intention to try and work with the Flyers and get something done,” [Kurt] Overhardt said. “We think the club feels the same way.”

According to Holmgren, that's exactly what the Flyers hope to do.

“[We] think he had a good year, he’s a good defenseman, he wants to be here,” Holmgren said. “We want him back I don’t see any reason why we can’t reach a deal; this is something that can get done quickly.”


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Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Matt, this is an important signing for Philadelphia, considering some of the injuries on D, but do you think this signing and the expected signing of Jagr spells the end of Voracek's career in Philly?

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

If they took jagr over voracek i think it would be a huve mistake. Jagr has one year left in him, voracek another fifteen

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

I agree, but if Voracek is asking for a kings ransom then you might just have to let him walk. Jagr is a pitstop for a hopeful JVR breakout, but it might be better suited if they are looking into some other free agents.

Matthew Brigidi's picture

I doubt the Flyers let Voracek walk. He had a fantastic season last year and potentially could develop into a top-line player; top-six player at the very least.

What is on the Flyers' side is that Jagr and Voracek have the same agent in Petr Svoboda who also played with the Flyers and has a relationship with the organization already. I think that and the potential increase in the salary cap as well as the fact that he is a restricted free agent will all help get Voracek under contract at least for next year.

Even if the reported deals are made with Carle and Jagr, I fully expect to be talking to Voracek at training camp no question. I will be beyond stunned if he is not a member of the team next year.