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Kimmo Timonen Suffered Knee Ligament Injury In Round 1, According To Report

With the 2011-12 season officially in the books for the Philadelphia Flyers, the most interesting dynamic left in the year is learning which players are hurt. It’s widely understood that by this time in the year, several players have been battling nagging injuries for extended periods of time and continue to play in order to help the team push through the playoff run.

One such player is Kimmo Timonen.

Probably the most respected player on the team by fans, players, coaches and executives alike, Timonen is the definitive ‘iron-man’ for the Philadelphia franchise, consistently playing through pain.

However, for any one who has seen him in the locker room after a game, it is actually more accurate to call him a ‘mummy’ rather than an iron-man due to the amount of bandages he has wrapped around his elbows, shoulders and knees holding ice packs to those respective areas after practically every game.

That’s why it was no surprise to learn that Timonen may have suffered an injury in this year’s postseason and continued to play through the pain.

On Wednesday morning, Teemu H., the European correspondent for Broad Street Hockey, tweeted that Timonen had suffered a knee ligament injury in Game 5 in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Pittsburgh Penguins.



As of Wednesday morning, the club hasn’t released official word yet on the possible injury, so there is yet to be any speculation on what the treatment will be. Timonen did not comment on the injury in his media availability on Tuesday but made it clear that his time in the NHL is running out.

"Well personally, I'm running out of time to be honest,” he said to reporters. “After the Pittsburgh series, I really thought this was our chance. Look at the teams who are out, look at the teams who are in. The teams that are still in are beatable. I don't have many chances left and this is a wasted opportunity for us."

The 37-year old will be entering the final year of a six-year, $37.8 million contract in 2012-13 and will have a cap-hit of $6,333,333.



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