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Jakub Voracek Declines Arbitration; 'Will Be Signed At Some Point,' Says Paul Holmgren

On Thursday afternoon, the deadline for restricted free agents interested in filing for salary arbitration came and passed with 16 players on 14 different teams putting in the request prior to the 5 p.m., deadline on July 5.

Philadelphia Flyers pending-restricted free agent Jakub Voracek was not one of the players to do so.

When a player files for arbitration, it enables for a third party individual in the form of a salary arbitrator to come in and determine what the player’s salary should be based upon arguments made by the player and organization.

It is one of the few bargaining options that a restricted free agent has.

However, there are some negatives that come along with it.

“Salary arbitration doesn't always go the way players want,” Tyler J. Altemose of The Hockey Guys said in regards to Voracek’s decision not go to arbitration. “There's some risk involved. With the route he took, he's guaranteed no less than he made last season.”

Teams potentially can offer less money than the player made the previous season as long as it isn’t less than 85 per-cent of what he made in his last contract, which opens up the possibility that the arbitrator could rule in the team’s favor and the player would lose money.

In addition, when a player goes to arbitration they fore-go the right to accept offer sheets from other teams.

This means that by opting not to go to arbitration, Voracek is guaranteed to make more money than the $2.25 million he made last season and potentially could have another team drive up his price with an offer sheet.

From the Flyers perspective, general manager Paul Holmgren made it clear that he fully expects to reach an extension with Voracek but would not say when that will occur.

“That’s a process right now that we’re going through,” Holmgren said via conference call on Thursday. “Jakub will be signed at some point. I don’t want to put a timeline on it. But he’ll be signed at some point.”

If the Flyers elect to request arbitration they will have to do so prior to 5 p.m. on July 6.

For a complete list of all the players who filed for arbitration, click here.


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