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Hartnell wants you! To Vote for him for the cover of NHL 13

During this time of year, potential candidates for the Presidential election of the United States start to call to their supporters for donations and votes.

Now, Philadelphia Flyers lovable winger Scott Hartnell is getting in on the action too. Kind of.

Hartnell is in the running for EA Sports’ “Cover Vote” an election of sorts that will determine whom will grace the cover of the wildly popular simulation game, NHL 13.

Currently matched up against teammate Claude Giroux, the fans will vote to determine which player will represent the Flyers when the field is shrunk down to 30.

Considering that Giroux is not only the best player on the Flyers, but potentially one of the best players in the entire league, Hartnell understands that he is up against tough competition.

Enter the wild card:




While Giroux may be able to tear through defenders and deke goalies out of their pads, Hartnell has an ability that his line mate does not have; Hartnell is ridiculously funny.

Whether he is having fun with a Hulk Hogan wannabe or is giving fans a thumbs up after a scrum, few are more beloved than Hartnell for his gift of levity.

And he knows it.

“I consider myself a stand-up citizen,” Hartnell says in the video before clip, after clip of his famous Hartnell downs appear on screen. “Or at least I try to.”

Utilizing a mock-Presidential campaign speech, the video tries to persuade voters to pick Hartnell as the choice for the cover of NHL 13.

Voting is open until April 11 and you can vote as many times as you want to up to the limit of 10 times per day.

You can cast your vote here:



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