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Claude Giroux Says Sidney Crosby 'Hacked' His Wrists Before Every Face-Off During Playoff Series

Following the 2011-12 season, Philadelphia Flyers superstar Claude Giroux underwent surgery on both of his wrists to repair two separate injuries; torn cartilage in his right wrist and removal of bone spurs in his left wrist.

In a recent interview with Timmins Press, a member of the Canoe Sun Media Group, Giroux reportedly stated that rival Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins aided in his need for surgery during their meeting in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal.

 Via Timmins Press:

That's not to say he doesn't have any though, as one look at his hands reveals a pair of nearly symmetrical scars.

“Those are from (Sidney) Crosby,” he says half smiling, but with some tension in his voice. “Every time we'd line up against each other for a face-off during our (2012 playoff) series, instead of going for the puck when it was dropped, he'd hack me across the wrists. I ended up playing the series against (New) Jersey with one of them fractured and had to go for surgery on both of them after we were out of the playoffs.”

Giroux ultimately had the last laugh as his first shift in Game 6 against Pittsburgh (which saw the 24-year old start the game with a huge hit on Crosby followed by a goal 32 seconds after the opening draw), will undoubtedly go down as one of the brighter moments in Philadelphia playoff lore and helped punch the Flyers ticket to the Eastern Conference Semifinal.

However, the star forward was less effective against the Flyers second round opponent, the New Jersey Devils, only registering two goals and one assist in four games (not surprising considering the injuries to both his wrists).

Giroux finished the 2012 playoffs with eight goals, nine assists and 17 points in 10 games. 



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Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Doesn't surprise me at all

gdsmack267's picture

Jesus Giroux is becoming one of the biggest whiners in the league. WAHHHHH, someone played a little rough in hockey.

KM344's picture

HAHAHA you are going to call Giroux a whiner after getting hacked by the biggest whiner in the league. Could you imagine if someone did this to Crosby?

.....Who's the p*ssy?

gdsmack267's picture

Oh look another idiot calling Crosby a whiner from shit he did 5 years ago. Every single game in the playoffs Giroux was the biggest baby on the ice. Remember when he dove on the bench and acted like he got slashed when never even getting touched? Or when he destroyed his stick like a baby after a loss or chasing the ref down like an idiot. If Crosby made these comments accusing giroux of slashing you would be flipping shit calling him a baby. Im not saying giroux isn't talented but he has a lot of growing up to do.

John Russo's picture

Five years ago? Try three months. What are you talking about, dude?

KM344's picture

Did you watch any of the Flyers vs. Pens series this year? HAHA No one in the league plays totally clean but you have got to be kidding me in calling Giroux more of a whiner than Cindy.

"…Crosby voted by fellow NHLers as the league’s top whiner, 52% of the vote he got…"

The rest of the league hates Crosby for his true self, a whiny little bitch:

George Prax's picture

I thought it was common knowledge that Crosby was dirty in the faceoff circle? Personally i love it, it's a unique strategy. Don't go after the puck, go after the other faceoff guy. Crosby's percentage is like 55% in the last few years and no one's stopping him. That said if he's hurting guys they might need to take a look at faceoff rules.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Gamesmanship, I think that is the only way to describe this. Most guys in the faceoff circle have these tricks to give them an edge. It is what separates players. If you look at his face off total, he has become a lot better. Taking tricks from guys around the league and using them himself. While it is dirty, its not a blatant attempt to injure. I'm not sure why Giroux felt the need to make this public, since it was pretty much known league wide, but it is just another notch into the rivalry.

George Prax's picture

While it might sound like he's overreacting, at what point does sportsmanship trump gamesmanship?

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

I would have to say that when another players safety comes into play. In the case of Crosby and the slashing, it is nothing that doesn't go on at any other part of the ice, therefore, I would just call this gamesmanship. I have seen a lot of different things that border this issue, like the semi-slewfoot, that are positioning battles that seem gamesmanship-esk, but are past the point of sportsmanship.

Dillon Friday's picture

To me it's no different than guys finishing checks on a d-man who's suffered a shoulder injury. I don't like Crosby, but really there was no need for Giroux to bring attention the source of his injuries. It's starting to look like he's supplanting Ovi as 87's chief rival.