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24/7 Part II; Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Last week’s episode of “24/7” acted as an introduction to both teams. Feeling out the different personality types and developing main characters, the show offered more information than insight.

The second installment of the four-part series gave viewers all the behind-the-scenes action they could have hoped for, offering unique circumstances that many have never seen.

This week’s show began with Henrik Lundqvist and his relationship with tennis legend, John McEnroe. The two men are part of a cover band that will be playing a benefit concert in a few weeks. With each on guitar, the show gave a preview to the group running through the song, “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters.

In addition to Lundqvist, other player’s personal lives were profiled.

The show went into the home of Flyers forward Daniel Briere and explained how the divorced father of two entertains his sons. After ordering a few pizzas for the boys, Briere explained how he invited rookie Sean Couturier to live with him just as Claude Giroux had done the year prior. Couturier was seen playing floor hockey with the dad and his sons, in addition to table tennis and video games.

It even looked like the rookie lost a game of “NHL 12” to one of the Briere boys in a shootout, as is expected with any member of the Flyers.

Later in the episode, the cameras caught the Flyers on the morning after the first episode of “24/7”. When Ilya Bryzgalov entered the cafeteria for lunch, players immediately began ribbing him with comments about the universe.

Bryzgalov denied seeing the show before going into another soon to be famous statement about how his dog (a Husky) has beautiful eyes and is basically a “hot girl.”

While the show offered more looks into the player’s lives, it also focused on game day occurrences, specifically with the referees.

During the Flyers game against the Montreal Canadiens, Jaromir Jagr was tripped while attacking the offensive zone. Despite being taken out by a sliding Montreal defender, no penalty was called. As the Canadiens transitioned up ice, Couturier was called for a slash.

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette was livid with what had transpired.

When the referee was called over to explain what happened, he stated that Jagr had no chance of scoring and that he tripped over the player instead of being tripped. Because of this, no penalty had occurred. Laviolette was not happy with the explanation.

On multiple occasions he stated that it was “Montreal typical,” in regards to the call going in the Canadiens favor.

When profiling the team’s next game against the Boston Bruins, a weak roughing penalty against Max Talbot was shown.

After landing a clean hit on a Bruins player, the penalty was called. After looking up at the jumbo-tron, the official explained to Talbot that they made a bad call and that his hit was clean.

This episode helped remind hockey fans that referees are human too and even showed that they admit to being wrong sometimes.

A subplot in this week’s show focused on the absence of Giroux.

Viewers were able to see Giroux taking a few tests with the team’s doctor prior to the team's Saturday matinee against the Bruins. Fast-forward to Tuesday, general manager Paul Holmgren told reporters that Giroux had been cleared on Saturday for all activity, meaning practice and games.

The examination on “24/7” was that same exam. Where else would fans have access to footage like that?

The shining moment of the episode came when New York Rangers super fan Liam Trainer was introduced.

Trainer is a young boy who has cerebral palsy. The show explained the boy’s close relationship with Rangers head coach, John Tortorella. Tortorella is usually depicted as a harsh man, who is brutally honest to the point of being offensive.

But his relationship with Trainer is nothing like that.

Viewers were offered a look into the kind heart of the Rangers coach, who constantly checks in on Trainer, making sure that he is doing all right or isn’t getting too lazy around the house. He even sent him a few tickets so that he could attend the Winter Classic.

That’s what the best part of “24/7” is; viewers have a chance to see these guys as they are. Fans love the game of hockey and this episode demonstrated why the show has been such a success. 



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George Prax's picture

Am I the only one a little creeped out by Briere inviting 18 year olds to live with him?

Nick Camillo Piccone's picture

I'd be willing to suggest that if Briere went to play for the Canadiens, you wouldn't be creeped out in the least.

George Prax's picture

Yes. If Daniel Briere played with the Canadiens, I wouldn't think it was creepy if he lived with little boys. Makes total sense. I love it when Flyers fans get defensive.

Nick Camillo Piccone's picture

I'm not getting the creepy part. That sounds like sour grapes to me, gotta be honest. It's smarter to live with another player as a rookie if the opportunity presents itself rather than get their own place. If Kimmo Timonen was living with Briere, then it'd be creepy.

George Prax's picture

(it was a joke)

Nick Camillo Piccone's picture


Hard to tell, haven't been here long enough to tell when you're joking I guess?

George Prax's picture

Protip: Unless I'm bitching about the Habs, I'm usually joking or at the very least being sarcastic Tongue.

George Prax's picture

Also, “Montreal typical?" The only thing that's typical is the Flyers bitching about penalties.

Phil T's picture

Honestly most of the time the Habs get screwed over by the refs

George Prax's picture

Not to mention their powerplay sucks so it's not like it matters anyway.

Mark Trible's picture

i think whoever bet on praxy being upset with that scene probably lost money, that's how probable it was

Nick Camillo Piccone's picture

When you see a ref apologize to the player for a bad call, then any team has any right to bitch about crappy penalties. The Jagr non-call and then Couturier penalty was spot on for "Typical Montreal" crap that happens whenever the Flyers play there.

George Prax's picture

The Flyers are the most penalized team in the league, I doubt it's only in Montreal they apparently get screwed over. Habs aren't far behind in 22nd place so it's not exactly like they're getting an advantage.


Habs get a lot of powerplay opportunities, but the Flyers lead the league. Habs are 29th in powerplay and the Flyers are top 10. So it pretty much just comes down to bitching. Every team gets a non-call or a bad call against once in a while, complaining about it is utterly futile.

Nick Camillo Piccone's picture

Exactly. So complaining that the Flyers complain too much about penalties is just as futile. Every team does the same thing, and just because the Flyers are being highlighted in 24/7 doesn't mean they complain moreso than any other team.

George Prax's picture

So, you're allowed to complain about the "Typical Montreal" stuff, and then brush off anyone who tries to argue otherwise saying "well, every team does that"? You can't have it both ways. There's no conspiracy against the Flyers when they come to Montreal. Flyers fans need to get over themselves about that.

Mark Trible's picture

Last night when the 'typical Montreal' thing happened, many people on my timeline who follow other teams were adamant in agreement. Whether or not it's true or not is one thing, the fact that people feel that way stretches far beyond Peter Laviolette and Flyers fans is another. Just like when a Flyer fights everyone calls them a classless goon. It's the same issue of stereotyping that probably isn't fair but nonetheless is a perception many have. I don't think anyone should take it personally or believe it to be 100% true.

George Prax's picture

Except that it makes no sense. There's no logic behind the argument that the Habs are favored by the refs. Like I said, the Habs aren't even good on the powerplay so it's irrelevant when they get them anyway. Moreover they're one of the most penalized team in the league, so either way there's no advantage. It just sounds like something fans like to complain about to take the blame off their own team. Habs fans complain about the refs too. I'll be the first to tell you that the refs aren't always consistent but I don't think it's in favor of one team or another. Specifically when it comes to the Flyers, when you're BOTH the most penalized team and the one with the most powerplays in the league, odds are crooked refs have absolutely nothing to do with it. Sorry but I don't buy it just because a few people like to bitch about it on twitter. And trust me, the last thing I'd be doing at this point is defending the Habs.

Mark Trible's picture

Lots of things don't make sense and have no logic behind it. That's why arguing about it in the first place is pointless.

George Prax's picture

Except, when, you know, bald faced lies are propagated on national media outlets and pay TV.

Mark Trible's picture

All a part of the 24/7 monster. I'm sure the NHL doesn't like their officials admitting they blew calls on there either. Such is life