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Trenton Titans Qualifying Offers to ECHL RFAs


The Trenton Titans have submitted their list of restricted free agents who have received qualifying offers. Listed below are the players with outstanding qualifying offers per a team announcement:
-Rob Bordson
-Andy Thomas
-Denny Kearney
-Mitch Versteeg
-Dustin Cameron
-Adam Presizniuk
-Corey Syvret
-Tim Spencer
In the ECHL, restricted free agency works differently than the NHL. 
At the ECHL level, teams have to submit a 20-man end of season roster before July 1, where the team can name 8 “protected” players who receive RFA status. These RFAs have Qualifying Orders that are open until August 1. 
At that point, the QO expires and players can sign for any salary with any team, with the provision that the team that owns the rights of the player have the right to match any offer.
Of the eight protected players, only four can be a veteran, which is defined in the ECHL CBA as a player with less than 260 games played at the professional level. For any played with fewer than 260 games played, the team retains his rights for one full season. 
If a veteran does not receive a contract or offer sheet by August 31, he becomes an unrestricted free agent.
One thing to note: should any of these players sign a deal with a higher level, such as an NHL or AHL deal, there is no compensation or match process.