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A Minute with Bill Clement

One of the most distinctive voices in all of hockey belongs to CSN-Philly color analyst Bill Clement.  His “Clementisms” such as ‘twine-seeking missile’ are favorite sayings among anyone who listens to him call a game. 

Recently however, Clement is making headlines for another reason; he recently released a book titled “EveryDay Leadership” about his personal views on leadership and how it can help people be more successful.

Clement is donating a portion of the proceeds of this book to charity for research for multiple sclerosis and Down Syndrome.

With the playoff picture shaping up in the NHL, Clement gave his thoughts on the NHL’s biggest surprise.

“The Washington Capitals,” he said. “They may not even make it and that to me is shocking.”

He also praised the turnaround of the St. Louis Blues under new coach Ken Hitchcock.

“In the West I would say St. Louis,” he said. “I get a vote for Coach of the Year and I have to give it to Ken Hitchcock.”

When looking ahead to the Cup Finals, Clement did not pick a single team because they’re many good ones.

“I think there are three teams who are a legitimate threat to get out of the East: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston. I know the Rangers are going to win the Eastern Conference, but I worry about their offense. ”

As for the West, he was much more sure of a pick.                                                             

“I think this is the year of the Nashville Predators,” he said.

If you are interested in Clement’s charity work you can check out his website here.