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Welcome Brayden Schenn


So the Flyers have prospects. I never thought I would be saying those words after the Flyers dealt what seemingly felt like a lifetime’s amount of draft picks for players over the last couple years. But, it happened at the cost of two elite players on the post-lockout Flyers, Captain Michael Richards and Jeff Carter. Anyway, the move is done; it’s not being undone so it’s time to face the new faces of the Flyers.

With that Brayden Schenn is a player with a ton upside. He’s ranked as the top prospect in the ENTIRE NHL by Hockey’s Future. That’s a big upside since the Flyers have almost nothing in their system. But that’s all changed. Now Schenn is the Big Man at Centre, well he’s behind Giroux and Briere.  

So with that, let’s crunch some numbers:

League                 GP          G             A             P             PIMs

WHL totals          224         116         199         315         210        

AHL totals            7              3              4              7              4             

NHL totals           9              0              2              2              0

Stats from Hockey DB.


He’s a point per game player in the AHL, in a highly limited sample, and had 1.4 points per game in the WHL in a good sample. Both of these are good signs. Also, in the playoffs, Schenn has 51 pts in 42 games, or 1.2 points per game, a solid ratio. And just remember, the playoffs mean Schenn is seeing top competition every game as opposed to the regular season where a player may see lower level teams. Think of is this way, every team plays Edmonton or Florida every regular season in the NHL, but you never see them in the playoffs. Because of that, 1.2 points per game is something to look forward to as a Flyers fan. To go along with this, Schenn won several major awards at the 2011 World Junior Championships.

Looking forward, Schenn is very similar to former Flyers captain Mike Richards. He’s a bigger body than Richards at 6ft 196lbs. Like Richards, he’s a left shot, and he plays PP and PK as well as Even Strength. E. J. McGuire, of the NHL's Central Scouting Bureau compared parts of Schenn's game to Joe Thornton.  (source)This is great news for the Flyers, Jumbo Joe dominates in many aspects of the game, especially as an elite playmaker and being the Sharks shutdown center. I’m not saying Schenn will be the next Joe Thornton, he lacks the size of Jumbo Joe, but there is no reason to think that Schenn will be anything less than a 20-25 goal and 40-45 assist player per season who also plays effective PP and PK minutes. He’s going to take on the tough minutes, and if Schenn’s junior and international career are any indication, he will be one dominant force.


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Really not sure how the Flyers will look next year... I guess they have the personel to step up but it won't be the same without Richards, for sure.

They'll be scary good in a few years with Schenn, JVR and Giroux!!

At least offensively (:

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Honestly I think these were both great deals for the Flyers, and one of the main reasons for that is Brayden Schenn. IMO he's the best prospect that hasn't had a regular shift in the NHL. Main reason for THAT is what he's done for Team Canada, which deserves more attention. This is a first line player the Flyers got, and he may not end up being as good as Carter or Richards, but in Philly he'll get the chance.

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Being a huge Richards fan I can't say I am 100% behind this deal but I really like Schenn and the fact they gave Richards for this guy is a statement cause Richards is to me a prime time player in the NHL.

Looking forward to next season, Schenn will most likely be in the starting line-up this year. To me Couturier is the guy to watch.