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Winter Classic Jerseys Confirmed


A few weeks ago, we at TCL Flyers Edition posted a ‘blurb’ with a link to a story of what was thought to be the Philadelphia Flyers Winter Classic sweaters.

In the interest of transparency, the post was untrue. The Flyers won’t wear those jerseys in the Winter Classic against the New York Rangers. While TCL Flyers didn’t report the original story, there should have been a post explaining what was posted on our site was incorrect. For that, we apologize.

Today on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, there was a version of the sweater released, courtesy of some digging done by Josh Smith.

According to a source within the organization, the sweater seen here is in fact what the Flyers will don when they face the Rangers on January 2, 2012.

Plan your purchases accordingly.



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John Russo's picture

Now these are some nice jerseys. I'll be getting one of these for certain

John Saquella's picture

Still say it should be white wife beaters with the logos drawn on with a sharpie

Larry DAngelo's picture

Nice Like those, glad to see the shoe laces

Mike Dusak's picture

those are pretty, needed some laces

Nick Corrato's picture

Anybody else notice they look just like bruins jerseys but orange?

Matt Coulter's picture

I hope those assholes that made comments about your posts being a fake will shut the fuck up now.