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Sestitio out 6-8 Weeks

There's often a debate among Flyers fans about whether or not Tom Sestito should be on the team. 

It sounds like those fans can live in peace and harmony for the next 6-8 weeks. 

The Flyers Twitter account tweeted that Sestito has a torn groin muscle and will have it repaired surgically. 

Sestito fought Buffalo's Zach Kassian in Thursday's 7-2 win. Below is a video of the fight. 



With Sestito out, the team will need to dress another forward in order to fill out the lineup. In anitcipation of this move, the team has loaned Erik Gustafsson to the Adirondack Phantoms.

It has been reported by several sources that after another successful day of practicing, James van Riemsdyk may be that forward.

If van Riemsdyk is unable to play, then it is largely assumed that Harry Zolnierczyk or Ben Holmstrom will return to fill the vacant spot.


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SwiftOnSports's picture

Goons in the NHL aren't as vital a part of the game, as they once were. Don't tell that to Paul Holmgren, or the Flyers though; they're carrying three right now. Ugh... that even hurts to type.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate goons. But I don't think it's necessary to carry three of them on the roster, especially when one of them(Shelley) is about as valuable as a stack of pucks. I especially don't think it's necessary to carry three goons, when you have skill players like Harry Z and Holmstrom in the minors.

I'm not happy that Sestito is injured, of the three Flyers goons he's my "favorite", and in general it's just a dickhead thing to be happy about a player Injury. But, I'm not going to hide my satisfaction about the chance a skill player has to make a difference for the team, now that there are only two goons on the squad.

George Prax's picture

I gotta say, one of the main reasons I've grown fond of the Flyers this season is this ability to step away from the gooning and trolling. This team is about skill, and that's refreshing. Never good to see a player injured, but this could be good for the Flyers in the long run.