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As the Flyers welcomed the Anaheim Ducks to the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night, I’m sure many Philadelphia sports fans were huddled around their televisions. But, they were most likely watching the Phillies successfully attempting to send their National League Championship Series to a sixth game. Most weren’t watching the Flyers find a way to add to their ineptitude.

I envy those people.

I’m done with rationality for the team and I’m not really in touch with my recapping side. I’m in a state of bewilderment with what I’ve seen recently from the team. I figured having a layoff since Saturday’s embarrassing home loss to a hated rival would be enough. I figured Mike Richards showing emotion in a post game interview would help the cause. I figured having a ‘bag skate’ practice would whip the boys into shape. I figured they’d take advantage of a team that had given new definition to the words ‘struggle on the road’. I figured they’d come out strong, take a lead, and pummel the opposition. I figured wrong. But, I did figure out that I have no right to expect the best from a team that’s not very good right now.

If you really want to read a recap, here it is:

Bobrovsky let in a couple of soft goals. The Flyers took fewer penalties than usual, but still took stupid ones. They had over 20 shots blocked and had over 40 shots on goal. Anaheim had about half as many shots on net. The power play is still an abomination to the sport of hockey. The Flyers couldn’t catch a break but they also couldn’t hit an open net. Anaheim scored as many goals as they had in their first four road games combined, three. The Flyers had one less goal.

That just about covers it.

It’s beyond explanation right now. The Flyers have found new ways to lose, and although they played better tonight than they had in their previous losses, they still lost. Sure, it’s early in the season. Sure, the team is improving. Unfortunately, neither of those things factor into the standings. Their inconsistent play bites them, their lack of discipline tears at their sweaters, and their snake-bitten possessions hunt them down and make them pay. They ultimately wither and fall. The demons that they create chase them off the ice as losers.

Whatever it is that seems to prevent the team from overcoming their demons, I sure hope it stops doing its job. I hope they show up Saturday night and play relentless hockey. I don’t believe that will happen, but I can hope. Rationality won’t allow me to believe, but it lends room for hope. The troubling nature of the season thus far makes every shift more critical than it probably should be. In Philadelphia, the fans demand grit, determination and most of all, victories.

The masses of fans huddled around televisions clinging on every pitch of the Phillies game five victory could tell you that.

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Ahhh, so your team isn't worth a damn right now either, huh? Even though my knowledge of hockey is putrid (at best), I know grief when I see it, when it comes to your favorite team underperforming. As silly as this may seem, I used the Five Stages of Grief to cope with it, in terms of the Cowboys. It made me feel a lot more at peace, because I was feeling the way you're feeling right now close to a week ago. Trust me, it works. If nothing else, come by the site and look at my recent post, and you'll see how I applied it to keep my sanity intact.


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Congratulations on your first angry blog son Smile