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Letter to the Readers


Dear Readers,


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to give this a read. We’re always glad when you’re here.

Over the last 17 months since my arrival at The Checking Line to write about the Flyers, we’ve encountered growth in support everyday. That support was so evident that when the idea of this site crossed our minds, it was a no-brainer. We’ve shown extraordinary growth on every front of our coverage, and this site should perpetuate that even further.

This season, we will be a credentialed source of information for the team in orange and black. Our goal is to have someone at almost every home game, getting the quotes and finding the stories. We want our game recaps to be thorough and our analysis to be direct, what better way than being up close?

In our vision of having a one-stop place for any Flyers content you desire, this is obviously a big step forward. It’s also one that wouldn’t be possible without your support and the fantastic work of our writers.

However, a vision remains just a vision without someone doing the groundwork. George Prax envisioned this long before today, and his extraordinary leadership was absolutely necessary in this project. Phil and Sam have spent countless hours working on the site’s unbelievably smooth design. Their work is why we’re here today.

There will be some new members of the team on top of the already outstanding cast that we have. Geoff Mang will produce photoshops this year, they can be found in the message boards, TCL Flyers facebook page and on the bottom right of our front page. Kyle Martin is setting up a new link distribution for the site, highlighting all the Flyers news around the web that you need.

Lastly, Dan Morency will provide all of you with reports from Glens Falls, NY with everything he can tell you about the Adirondack Phantoms. Dan is an avid Phantoms follower and with the team finally having some great prospects, we know you want to hear how they’re doing.

As always, our future depends on all of you. We’ll do our best to get as much content on the site and we’ll always do our best to remain objective. To this point, your Facebook shares, Twitter retweets and word of mouth has gotten us this far.

Now, we have a brand new Twitter page to increase our contact from you.

It’s my personal responsibility to maintain our connection with you all, and I take that extremely seriously. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and concerns. Hopefully we can build a tremendous community around our content. One that is entirely different from any other site on the web. 

This is a new site and we understand that with that comes a new set of challenges. We will probably make some mistakes, but we’ll learn from them and move forward. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be perfect.

To the most dedicated and passionate fan base in hockey, there’s only one thing I can guarantee. You keep reading, and we’ll keep writing.


Thank you.

Mark Trible  


George Prax's picture

Really excited about this, even if I'm not a Flyers fan. We put a lot of work into the new site and hope everyone enjoys it, uses it and posts lots of comments!

Phil T's picture

I like the Flyers except when they play the Habs in the playoffs

George Prax's picture

Thanks for Blair Betts. Shouldn't we be giving YOU gifts?

John Saquella's picture

You be thanking us when Betts reaches up to grab a towel off the shelf at home and his arm falls off his body

Mark Trible's picture

Bahhahaha Saq I think you're right

Bense's picture

Looking forward to following. Thanks for the invite via Twitter. I was looking for a fresh source on Flyers, as the other seem to be getting a bit stale.

John Russo's picture

Flyers blogging has become stale. This is a breath of fresh air as I know Mark will do an incredible job, as he already has done.

Mark Trible's picture

Lol your check's in the mail, Roose!