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A Friendly Farewell to 'Flyers Goal Scored By'


Today, the popular duo of Fran and Ryan that made up the Flyers Goal Scored By blog hung up their skates. For those who followed the blog, it wasn’t a shock (they had mentioned stepping away for a while), yet it’s still sad.

Or is it?

For two guys who did what they did as well as they did it, it’s a farewell. It’s going out on top from this viewpoint.

If you were to take a screenshot of my Google Chrome browser, you’d see come up as soon as the ‘f’ is typed after ‘twitter.’

Perhaps that has little significance. What little significance it may have is that the guys over there, both of whom I consider friends, found a way to make a long hockey season far more entertaining than it should be.

If you’ve spent any time around me in the last few years, I’ve probably been sitting at a computer or had my phone open on the internet. When I roar in laughter (rare), it’s probably because of FGSB (often).

Nowadays, it’s easy to look around the internet and see six billion comedy accounts on hockey. Some are good, some suck. FGSB and all its random and obscure references, found a way to never suck.

Their reach went far beyond whatever they may have thought they had. I remember a day when I was on a bus to class in Blacksburg, VA. I saw a kid on the bus with a ‘Game Genie’ t-shirt. The shirt was created by FGSB, and the instant bond I shared with some kid I’ve never seen before and will never see again was a pretty astounding moment.

I was at their OFFSIDES convention on a Halloween weekend a couple years back. I’ve interviewed them on this website. They’ve joined on episodes of Flyers Corner Radio. Hell, some of the comedic concepts integrated into our site came from a simple thought - would FGSB approve?

Now, they go out into the world as people, what they originally started as before they were bloggers. The Hall and Oates references won’t fall on deaf ears out there in that big world.

They simply took the full turn and stepped away. Like the athlete who’s been to the edge and back, they were ready to cash it in.

Good for them. While it might not be good for all of us, it’s still good to have had them around. It’s great to know that brilliantly funny minds are out there in this world.

Because life - like hockey - needs someone (or two) on the lighter side.

Thanks, guys.


John Russo's picture

Beautifully written, Marky.

Farewell FGSB. Such a fun blog to follow on Twitter

George Prax's picture

TCL Flyers eliminating the competition? Wink