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Flyers Announce Opening Night Roster

The Flyers released their opening night roster Wednesday afternoon (c/o the Flyers Public Relations staff).

Forwards- Briere, Couturier, Giroux, Hartnell, Jagr, Nodl, Read, Rinaldo, Shelley, Simmonds, Talbot, van Riemsdyk, Voracek

Defensemen- Carle, Coburn, Lilja, Meszaros, Pronger, Timonen, Walker

Goalies- Bobrovsky, Bryzgalov 


*After yesterday's roster moves, none of the aforementioned players come as a surprise. Although Matt Walker's inclusion relied on clearing waivers, which he did today. It has been reported that Walker is expected to start over Lilja in tomorrow night's contest. All players are listed alphabetically.


Bense's picture

It should be interesting to see how much time each line gets now. With Betts off the roster Lavy might choose a different role for the fourth line. Hartnell moving to the third line is interesting, but Simmonds definitely deserves the chance on #2 based on his pre-season. I am holding out hopes that Couturier actually stays with the team this entire season. I don't see him being a major factor, but he will learn much more in this role than back in the QMJHL.

One move that I really like is Meszaros being paired with Timonen. Mesz was a standout d-man last year and having him paired with Timonen makes that matchup extremely tough to play against. I have nothing against Coburn, but he should get just as much playing time as we should see all 3 pairings quite often (something I am very happy with).

I am looking forward to following you guys all season on this site. Coming from someone who works on websites all day, I absolutely love the design! Hope you don't mind if I weigh in on some things here and there Smile

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We're happy to have you on board! This is what we want at the site!

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I'll be watching this game for sure. Still confused as to why Shelley wasn't waived. I realize he's a good locker room guy and a legit heavyweight, but I don't see the point in giving him a few min of ice time paired with a 1 mill plus cap hit.