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Yet Again Another Chance For Philly

The Philadelphia Flyers (46-23-11) enter their last game of the season at home tonight against the New York Islanders (30-38-13) with yet another chance to grab first place, this time in the Atlantic Division only.

The Flyers have squandered multiple chances to clinch both the Eastern Conference and the Atlantic Division in the last week and with one game left their is a lot more than first on the line for this team.
They need to improve upon the effort they gave last night, although a pretty solid effort they did play poorly at the start of the second and third periods.

The Flyers surrendered two goals and the lead in the first four minutes of the second, the first of the two coming just 25 seconds after the period started. If you missed the game or the recap you can read Mark Trible's (@mtrible)HERE.


The Flyers have taken all five previous matchups versus the Islanders this season and look to complete the sweep tonight. The Flyers have not been playing well lately in front of the home crowd, they are 21-12-7 on the season and have lost their last six home games. Their last home win came on March 8th against the Edmonton Oilers, the game Pronger ripped Giroux a new one.

Not only are the Flyers winless in their last six at home but overall are on a five game losing streak. To put it in perspective, in their last ten the Islanders are 3-5-2 while the Flyers are 3-4-3. When it comes to special teams , believe it or not the Islanders hold the edge in both the power play and penalty kill.

The Flyers will need to have a GPS tracker strapped to Jonn Tavares as he always seems to shine against the Flyers. Tavares leads the Islanders in points with 64, and has 28 goals. Waiver pickup Michael Grabner leads the team in goals with 33, followed by Matt Moulson who has 31 and Tavares with 28. Here are highlights from the Isles and Flyers last matchup provided by @CaptainOrange18.

Larry's logic

Well this is the last time we will here the "Flyers have a chance", sounds like the line from Dumb and Dumber. They have blown every chance they have had to clinch the best playoff spot possible in the East and today how can you expect anything different.

Although the Flyers played better at times last night they seem like they have trouble giving a full sixty minute effort. It is almost comical when the Flyers have the lead lately especially at the start or end of a period. You can just feel in the air , they start running around in their own zone chasing opposing players which means they are a step behind.

Just once when this happens I would like to see a Flyer get frustrated and crush the player with the puck, make them think twice about wanting the puck in their zone. Can't see how this team is not pissed off they are not playing with an edge or with confidence when they have a lead.

Just lazy play at times just like Scott Hartnell's blind offensive pass that lead to the winning goal. It is basically this team getting back to the basics , get shots on goal, screen goalie, agressive forecheck and backcheck. Now that the game plan is set.

Let's Go Flyers !!!!!

Step Up Players

Defense as a whole

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