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Playoff Preview Game 3: Flyers / Sabres

After playing games one and two in the friendly confines of the Wells Fargo Center, the Philadelphia Flyers hit the road tonight and head to Buffalo to face the Sabres and their fans at HBSC Arena, 7pm EST, 94.1 WYSP radio.

The Flyers tied the series at one in game two with a 5-4 win, a game that was the complete opposite of game one. Sergei Bobrovsky who had a good showing in game one did not fair too well in game two surrendering three goals on ten shots causing Peter Laviolette to remove him for the veteran Brian Boucher.

Which poses the big question for tonight's game, who will be in net Read the game 2 recap by Mark Trible.

Game 2 video Highlights

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Goalie Shuffle ?

Going into this off season the Flyers decided not to upgrade their goaltending situation by keeping much traveled veteran Brian Boucher and last years playoff goalie and AHL standout, Michael Leighton.

With the way the Stanley Cup Finals finished one would have thought the area this team could have improved would have been between the pipes. They did go out an sign undrafted 22 yr old rookie Sergei Bobrovsky from Russia .

With the goalie we all know as Bob now being the unknown the fans would have to accept the fact that Michael Leighton would be the starting goalie at the start of the season with Boosh being his backup. For some reason this organization has purposely overlooked the goalie position as an under rated need for them.

This a team who won two Stanley Cups while having one of the best goalies of that era. This was a situation that almost never was, as the Flyers traded Bernie Parent away before re acquiring him, then winning both cups. Through the years Bob Clarke the man who won these Stanley Cups with Parent as their goalie refused to trade for or draft a franchise goalie.

This is something that went on even as old teammates became head coaches of the Flyers. Now here we are back in this year's playoffs with yet another question about the teams starting goalies. The Flyers have four goalies on the roster for the playoffs. Bobrovsky, Boucher, Leighton and Backlund all who played in games for the Flyers last season accept for Bob. Backlund has no real shot of seeing any time unless the all three goalies go down.

Now that Boucher has been announced as the starter and Michael Leighton as the backup for tonight's game you can pretty much right Bob off for this series. Also now that Leighton has his foot in the door , don't be surprised to see him get some action. As with Bob, Laviolette will have a short leash for Boucher if he starts to flounder.

Another playoff of as the goalie turns here in Philly. This team Plays better in front of Boosh than they do Bob, but I believe this team plays even better in front of Leighton as he always comes in as an underdog. I will call it now, you will see Leighton in this series. Zherdev will also be in the lineup tonight in place of the injured Nodl. What are your thoughts on the goalie situation ?

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If we had a "Ryan Miller" in goal for us we'd be set. I felt the Flyers gave the Sabres too much time in their zone not being able to clear the puck on multiple occasions. I'm still not feeling confident about this series, but it was definitely a good thing we stole the 1st one in Buffalo. In my mind, the series is tied right now, not 2-1 Flyers. I can't believe that guy that cross-checked Hartnell ON THE GROUND about 10 times didn't get a penalty! Angry