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Phlattened in Philly

Tonight the Flyers faced the New York Islanders in what was the first game of their current three game homestand and the back end of back to back games.

The Flyers came into this game the last team in the NHL to get a goal from their defense.

That would change early as the Flyers came out pressuring the Isles from the drop of the puck. Just 2:36 into the first period Kimmo Timonen moved up on the play and put home a rebound that squirted out from a scrum in front of DiPietro, this was the first goal on the road to the Flyers 6-1 win.

The Flyers killed off a 5 on 3 Isles power play midway through the first and at the 17:19 mark Jeff Carter took a pass from Giroux and deked DiPietro and put a shot through his legs to give the Flyers a 2-0 lead.

The Flyers would start the second period off with Carter's second goal of the night coming at 2:55 into the period. The Flyers would score four goals in this period two of which were powerplay goals scored by Chris Pronger giving the defense three goals on the night.

The other goal scored in the second was by Andres Nodl who played a solid game. Also in the second period while the Flyers were on a 5 on 3 powerplay,Frans Nielsen had a semi breakaway as Pronger was hanging all over him he fell and still was able to get the shot off.

A penalty shot was called on that play to some fans dismay,I personally thought it was better to have the penalty shot called instead of a 2min penalty as it would have taken away the Flyers two man advantage.Nielsen scored on that penalty shot which turned out to be the Isles only goal of the game.

In the third there were no goals scored, but plenty of emotions were displayed in that period. The Islanders were playing reckless out there and trying to have there way with the Flyers and that wasn't going to happen.

DiPietro came out of his crease twice during this game to join scrums and both times he picked up a 2min penalty. The second time he came out of the crease was to stick up for a teammate. He did it because the Isles players that were on the ice were slow to react to Nielsen being cross checked in the head by Briere.

DiPietro was frustrated and went after Briere and then Carcillo stepped in and DiPietro wanted to go with him, that's when Pronger entered and grabbed the goalie and put him in his place verbally.

There were 120 penalty minutes in this game and a few of them were ten minute misconducts and five minute majors.

Overall the Flyers played a good game and brought there offense tonight. There are some story lines from this game to look for a week from now when these two teams meet again.

Gillies taking a six minute penalty a long with a misconduct from a scrum that saw him throw Briere to the ice as the refs escorted Gillies to the box. There will be hell to pay for that.

Looked like some of the Isles wanted a piece of Shelley, well they can have a chunk of that in a week. Zherdev was a healthy scratch again tonight and Carcillo is making it hard for him to get back in this lineup right now.

The Flyers were down to five defensemen after Meszaros was crushed in to the board and had to leave the game early. Also leaving the game early was Nodl who on a rush just before he scored his goal was knocked down and slid into the boards hard, he was diagnosed with an upper body injury.

Briere received a five minute high sticking major at the end of the game and the infraction will be reviewed by the league under the new head shot rule, don't be surprised if he gets a couple game suspension.

Net Gain
Sergei Bobrovsky continues to get better every game he plays. Tonight he showed his quickness and athleticism mulitple times and bailed the Flyers out early and often.He has shown calmness in the net for a 22yr russian rookie who is here in America by himself and is still learning the language and our culture.

Michael Leighton skated for the first time today, he still is a ways away from being able to play in practice or in a game. Over his career Leighton has struggle to be a starter and sometimes even a backup in the NHL, this year he was given the number one job out of camp for the first time in his career.

He suffered his back injury in the playoffs last year and thought it would heal and did not get it taken care of. That decision may ultimately come back to haunt him, if Bob keeps up his solid play in net Leighton may not see the number one spot again this season.

Flying Fists
There were plenty of fists flying tonight between Carcillo and Konopka. They fought twice, the first one lasted about a minute and a half and the decision went to Carcillo. After that fight Carcillo went to the dressing room for a new jersey as his looked like he had been mawled by a mountain lion.

The second fight between these two may not have been a smart move by Carcillo as he was at the end of his shift and was challenged by Konopka and Danny being who he is did not decline. There were a lot of body shots thrown by Konopka and only one punch from Carcillo, that punch landed on the side of Konopka's head, this fight could be called a draw.

Standout Players
Jeff Carter 2g 1a, Chris Pronger 2g, Bobrovsky 30 saves

Honorable Mention
Kimmo Timonen 1g, 1a, Andres Nodl 1g, Dan Carcillo 2 fights


Mark Trible's picture

Heckuva job Larry! What a game!

Larry DAngelo's picture

Yeah man that was an entertaining game

Stacy Podelski's picture

You know its interesting when a keeper wants to try to exchange fists. I wonder what DP was thinking....'hey I can go back to the DL this way.' I would enjoy seeing what everyone thought of DP trying to do that....was that a smart move or a move that he should leave to his teammates?

Larry DAngelo's picture

I think what DP did wasn't smart but it was something he had to do since the players on the ice were not reacting to Nielsen getting worked over by Briere and Carcillo. I can see why he would want to get his frustration out after the kind of game he and his team had.

Mark Trible's picture

DP should have been pulled anyway. Nonetheless, he's a moron. Don't be surprised to see Briere get suspended

SethDH's picture

Few thoughts.
- why wasn't Bob a star of the game? Apparently the clown picking the stars doesn't understand hockey.
- after briere's incident last year in COL, I hope they tag him as a repeat offender. Stupid midget. 3 games.
- one of the most entertaining games I've seen in person. But the guy beside me wouldnt cheer when Carter scored. What's up with that?

George Prax's picture
SethDH wrote:

Few thoughts.
- why wasn't Bob a star of the game? Apparently the clown picking the stars doesn't understand hockey.
- after briere's incident last year in COL, I hope they tag him as a repeat offender. Stupid midget. 3 games.
- one of the most entertaining games I've seen in person. But the guy beside me wouldnt cheer when Carter scored. What's up with that?

It was probably Trible Tongue

George Prax's picture

I actually like that DiPietro stuck up for his teammates. He shouldn't have to, but it shows he has the fire and wants to be an impact player for the Isles. Maybe he should have stayed away considering he ended up with 2 minors, but it sounds like it didn't matter considering the way the game was going, and watching what happened I'm actually kind of glad he stepped up.

Plus what Briere did was TOTALLY uncalled for. Based on the way the league suspends star players, this will likely be 2 games, but that was pretty malicious and preconceived, if the league was serious about this crap it would be MINIMUM 5 games to teach both Briere and the Flyers that they can't go around doing that shit when they're winning by five goals...

Here's a video of the incident in case anyone missed it: