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Game Day: Flyers vs. Blues


Coming off their first regulation loss of the season, the Philadelphia Flyers (4-1-1) will try to get back on track tonight when they take on the St.Louis Blues (3-4-0) at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Flyers didn't put forth a good effort on Thursday night in the 5-2 loss to the Washington Capitals. They lacked intensity and consistent pressure offensively and in the defensive zone. After a hard practice and possibly new line combinations, look for the Flyers to give a better effort tonight.

The St. Louis Blues haven't had a good start of the season but enter tonight's game fresh off a home overtime victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. Tonight's game with the Flyers will kick off a four game road trip.


This will be the only matchup this season between these two teams, The Blues took last year’s matchup with a 2-1 OT win. The Flyers have been pretty successful at home against the Blues over the years posting a 47-12-10 record. They are 83-40-17 overall versus the Blues.

The Blues are having goaltending issues and have recently benched Jaroslav Halak in favor of Brian Elliott. Philadelphia fans know all too well what the Blues fans are going through as they witnessed less than average performances from their netminders for years. Elliott is 2-0, and has allowed five goals on 71 shots.

The Flyers have their own issues right now. For coach Peter Laviolette, finding the right line combinations is at the top of the list. The Flyers look out of sync, often breaking down on coverage in their own zone.

With the addition of Braydon Schenn it makes finding the right line combos a much more difficult task. It will be interesting to see how Laviolette will configure his lines for tonight's game.

He had some new offensive line combos at practice yesterday but said not to read too much into them. Here are the offensive line combinations he had going yesterday, some you may see tonight:

Brayden Schenn - Claude Giroux - Jaromir Jagr

James van Riemsdyk - Matt Read - Wayne Simmonds

Scott Hartnell - Danny Briere - Jakub Voracek

Whether or not these are the new line combinations, one thing is for certain: Laviolette was not happy with the lines last game and is looking to change it up.

It took just six games into the season for Ilya Bryzgalov to receive the first sarcastic cheers when stopping a routine shot late in Thursday night's game versus the Capitals. He seems like he understands that sort of thing and has the kind of personality to handle the truth, even if the majority of the Capitals goals came off deflections.

A goalie is often only as good as the team in front of him and if you listen to Brygalov's interviews when they win he always credits the team. What you will not hear is him blame the team when they lose, even if the team broke down in front of him.  Look for Bryz to get the start tonight.

What Do You Think ?

What do you think the line combos should be ?

Over/Under Flyers penalties?

Will Laviolette call a TO ? If so what period ?

Step Up Players




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Mark Trible's picture

17 28 68 21 48 24 19 10 93 15 14 27...Flyers take 4 penalties tonight. No timeout.

Larry DAngelo's picture

17-28-68 , 21-48-19, 24-10-93, 15-14-27 (Shelley?) Under 5 penalties, TO in 2nd period with the Flyers on a 5 on 3.

John Russo's picture

I like Mark's lines.

Setting the over/under of penalties at 4... I'd take the over.

3rd period time out.

Flyers lose 2-1: Goals by Langenbrunner, Backes for the Blues and Voracek for the Flyers.

Matthew Brigidi's picture

I think tonight will be the first time they are under five penalties and I don't think Lavy will have to call a time out. I'm thinking 3-1 in favor of the home squad.

Down Goes Spezza's picture

Penalties: Briere on a stick foul, Hartnell for something, one defenseman for something else

Line Combos:




In net: Russian Goalie

No time out...

Finally: Guys who need to step up- Hartnell, Briere.

Stay out of the box, Danny! (He won't)

John Saquella's picture

6 minor penalties. Time out in 2nd. Lines I'd use:



Silent_Mike's picture

I would keep the lines from practice.

Over 5 penalties.

No TO.

Briere needs to step up and score.

They seem to be down on Hartnell. Perhaps he'll throw a glove tonight.