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Game Day: Flyers / Flames

In their only meeting this season, the Philadelphia Flyers (15-6-2) will host the Calgary Flames (8-11-2) at the Wells Fargo Center at 1:00 pm.

The Flyers are coming off a 6-1 win over the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night. The game was close until the Flyers blew it open in the third period. If you would like to read the recap of that game Click here!

The Calgary Flames are coming into Philly fresh off a 2-1 over time shootout loss to a bad Devils team. The game was 1-0 Devils from late in the first until Rene Bourque netted one just 1:13 seconds into the third period extending Calagary's losing streak on the road to five.


The Flyers are 30-26-4 all time versus the Flames and 16-11-2 at home. The last time they met was on February 1, 2010 in Calgary, Mike Richards had two goals as the Flyers' Ray Emery shutout the Flames 3-0.

The last time these teams met in Philly was on march 5, 2009, Calgary took that game 5-1, in this game Oli Jikinen would tally twice for the Flames.The Flyers have the number one seed in the league with 32 points and will be a tough matchup for the Flames as they are 14th seed in the Western Conference with 18 points.

The Flyers are on a three game winning streak and lead the league in goal scoring with an average of 3.61 goals per game. Calgary is 2-6-2 in their last ten and are in 18th place in scoring with a 2.81 goals per game average.

Trading Places

The Flyers and Flames have only been trade partners five times over the years. The most notable one happened on November 11, 1981 when the Flyers sent Mel Bridgman to Calgary for Brad Marsh who was originally drafted by the Atlanta Flames in 1978.

Marsh was a steady defenseman for seven seasons for the Flyers, he was not so much a goal scorer as he had 23 goals in his career which is an NHL record for the fewest goals scored by a player who has played in at least 1000 games. Brad Marsh was also one of the last players to play in the NHL without a helmet.

Larry's Logic

This is a tough game for the Flyers for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that today's game is a 1:00 pm start. These game times can make it tough on a team as they are thrown off their normal routines. What time is Claude Giroux going to eat his Grilled Cheese today ?

But seriously, Peter Laviolette had the team practice on Thanksgiving early in the afternoon in hopes that it would keep the team fresh and get them used to playing at this time. After arriving in Philly in the early morning hours the coach approached the team about this practice and to his surprise the team was all for it.

The bottom line is the attitude of this team has been totally flipped from when John Stevens was the coach. Winning is an attitude and Lavy has injected that into these players from the first day he arrived. Let's hope that in practice they worked on a couple of areas in the Flyers game that is suffering a bit right now.

The Flyers really need to get back to winning faceoffs as it is an important piece of the possession game. They have the talent to win these draws as we saw earlier this season it's just a matter of concentration and wanting it more than the opposing center.

The other area would be the power play. They need to really start making their opportunities count as it is just another weapon to add to their arsenal. If the opposing team knows that you are dangerous on the powerplay it could take the opponent off their game and give the Flyers another area to be feared.

With the Flyers playing another early game tomorrow against the NJ Devils the goaltending duties could be split between Boosh and Bob, but you never can tell what Lavy is thinking there. Sean O'Donnell has been steady on defense for the Flyers this season and he leads the NHL in +/- with a +17.

Step Up Players

Powerplay, Faceoffs, Late Penalties

(with everyone playing well I thought I would change it up)



biffle35's picture

What a horrible call on Pronger at the end! Is that legit that he can't have his hand up in front of the goalie. Hey, JVR is on a 3-game scoring streak! At least we got a point.

biffle35's picture

Back to the question I posed in my 1st post about Pronger's penalty, I just read Mark Trible's write-up about the call which apparently came from something Sean Avery did recently:

The letter of the law clearly states that the penalty should be applied, “…to a situation when an offensive player positions himself Stare facing Stare the opposition goaltender and engages in actions such as waving his arms or stick in front of the goaltender's face, for the purpose of improperly interfering with and/or distracting the goaltender as opposed to positioning himself to try to make a play.”

He had his back to the goalie so it shouldn't have been called! Angry

George Prax's picture

Their excuse is that it's against the spirit of the rule and the game. To be fair, I don't like Pronger waving his arms in front of a goalie and obstructing his view, but it doesn't follow their own rule so it shouldn't have been called... they need to clarify the rule because it's pretty ridiculous how everyone's confused about it. Pronger shouldn't be doing that stuff but technically it wasn't wrong.