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Game 7 Flyers / Sabres Do or Die !!

The Philadelphia Flyers are making history again this year but in a different way than last year's playoffs.

They have been their own worst enemy many times throughout this series, spotting the Sabres two and three goal leads with poor goaltending play, surrendering leads at blitzkrieg speeds, anemic power play and getting shutout twice by the score of 1-0.

Despite all that negative history making, the Flyers have managed to fight through their shortcomings and position themselves for a game 7 at home in front of would should be a raucous crowd.

The fans and players know what kind of performance to expect from the hometown crowd, the question in this series is, what kind of performance will this team get from it's goaltender tonight ?

Below is the highlight video from game 6:

Larry's Logic

There is a lot more riding on tonight's game than just the fact that it is a game 7. The Flyers need to come out tonight and play convincing playoff caliber hockey which we have yet to see thus far in this series as it will directly affect their play in the next round.

The play in their own end of the ice must step up tonight , Matt Carle has been abused in this series and the number of wide open players around the net is mind boggling and must be eliminated tonight. You look at Leino's game 6 OT winner and you will see him get a rebound and score on second effort as a Buffalo player was hooking his stick preventing his first shot at the net.

Look at Buffalo's goal in OT game 5 , Leighton kicks the rebound out and Ennis rams it home without a Flyer in sight. These types of missed coverages are killing the Flyers in this series, if they can find a way to pick up the open man they could take game 7 convincingly and move on to the next round on a high note.

Chris Pronger was used sparingly in game six which will probably be the case in tonight's game as well. Lavy had parked Pronger in front of Miller on the power play in game 6 that needs to happed again tonight for every power play the Flyers get.

If the Flyers are down in this game late it wouldn't be a bad idea to park him there at that time too. Although this team did not look ready at the start of these playoffs, Buffalo has given this team every reason to be now with the way this series has turned out verbally and physically.


The coach did not play any games when announcing his starter at the press conference following the game 6 OT win as he stated that Brian Boucher would get the nod. That left the fan base wondering who would be the backup in game 7 ?

Well that question seems to be answered , as it was reported that Bobrovsky will be the man on deck tonight. This is the way it should have been through this first round as both of the guys were part of the reason this team got here.

Bob should have been given the chance to redeem himself after being pulled in game 2 instead of being sent to the stands. Not really sure that it ruined him mentally as the coach pretty much made a mockery of the Flyers goaltenders by looking unsure who to start in net.

Bob has to feel now that it wasn't just him and he should be fine going forward if needed, as they will need him in the next round if they manage to win tonight. The Flyers will need to use a goalie tandem the rest of the way and I think Lavy used this first round to develop that tandem, that tandem turns out to be the same ones he has used all season.

Coach could have left it that way and not made this teams goalie situation look as bad as it it. One positive out of all this negative national attention could be an upgrade between the pipes next season.

As much as a Three Stooges fans as I am , I don't like when our goalies are referred to that way. Let's Go Flyers !!!

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