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Game 6 : Flyers Facing Elimination In Buffalo

With the Philadelphia Flyers facing elimination today in Buffalo at 3:00 pm on NBC, fans wonder what team, more importantly what goalie will show up for game 6.

There were many questions that went unanswered in the games prior to the start of the playoffs and unfortunately for the Flyers two of the biggest still remain, goaltending and the power play.

Both reared there ugly heads in this series, especially in game 5 when Boucher , who has been playing well lately, let in two bad angle goals. That put the Flyers behind the eight ball right off the bat, giving the Sabres and Miller a huge cushion early on. Need to see it again ? Here are the highlights from game five:

Special Teams

The other glaring issue that the Flyers never resolved is their power play. Although the Flyers have had some bad calls against them in this series, the undisciplined play of the Sabres has given the Flyers plenty of chances to score.

This anemic power play will ultimately cause this team to polish off the golf clubs and get the sun tan lotion out in route to an early exit. The Flyers have a brutal power play percentage in this round, they have a 7% success rate.

They are 2 for 26 overall, 1 for 20 at home for a 5% success rate while going 1 for 6 on the road for a 16.7% success rate. All that non scoring with the man advantage has give the Sabres a pretty good penalty kill percentage as they are fourth in the playoffs with a 92.3% kill rate.

The Flyers are in the eighth spot with an 81.8% kill rate, allowing the Sabres power play to go 4 for 22 with the man advantage with an 18.2 % success rate. The Sabres are 1 for 10 at home with on the power play.

Larry's Logic

The thought of this blog being my last game day preview of the year has just struck me and it hurts. Although I picked Buffalo in six for the TCL Staff and Flyers Round Table prediction blogs, I would love for the Flyers to prove me wrong and take it to game seven and win in front of the home crowd.

The problem is the Sabres are playing with confidence because of the way Miller has played so far in this series. If they take a penalty they know they will get the goaltending they need to successfully kill it off which gives them even more confidence to take chances on the offensive end while at full strength.

The Flyers just look like they are scrambling now because of the goalie situation, the Sabres know this and whoever the Flyers dress in net today, you can rest assured the Sabres will bring it from the drop of the puck.

The Flyers have their back to the wall now, in a hostile environment, and will need every ounce of determination to get off to a good start and strike first in this game.The team who scores first in this series has won the game every time.

One thought to ponder on this beautiful Easter Sunday, can the Flyers resurrect their game and power play to force a game seven ?

Stay tuned for "As The Goalie Turns" to see who is behind the mask for the Flyers, will it be Bob ? Leighton ? Boosh ? Stay Tuned ! Let's Go Flyers !!!!! Let's Go Flyers !!!!!

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