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Game 5 Preview: Flyers / Sabres

The Philadelphia Flyers head back home for game five after being shutout 1-0 for the second time in this series on Wednesday night in Buffalo. This time they are bringing the playoff atmosphere that all Flyers fans have been waiting for as this series just got personal.

With the late hits after the whistle and the rough stuff at the end of game 4 you can expect these two teams to come out hitting tonight. The Flyers will need to really bring that part of their game tonight. We have seem some hitting from the Flyers team but now it seems they are ready to throw their weight around after being man handled at times last game.

This may even be the game Pronger comes back and reclaims the area in front of the net. The series at this point is right up Pronger's alley as the nasty defenseman thrives in these situations. If Pronger does play tonight it will be in a limited role, meaning maybe no power play time. Below is the Highlight video from game 4.

Larry's Logic

While the game ended in a rough way in game four, expect these Flyers to come out hitting in a disciplined manner. As Mike Richards stated in so many words after the game, they will be going after the Sabres more skilled players when looking to deliver a hit.

The thing about games like these are the expectations that this game will be fight filled with bodies flying all over the ice. While that is what every fan wants the Flyers have to be careful to how they approach this, the last thing the Flyers need is to be short handed for most of the game. With the way these refs have been throughout this series so far, you never know what surprising penalty will be called.

Jeff Carter will be out for game five as he suffered an MCL sprain on a knee to knee hit with Tyler Myers, who was able to return to the game. If Andreas Nodl is still unable to go tonight look for one of the Black Aces to get the call tonight, maybe Holmstrom or could we see Shelley ? Maybe in the 70's you would see Shelley get the nod tonight but one would think this game is too important to have someone play 3 mins.

The Flyers really need to get back to basics with Miller and throw pucks on net with traffic. This is something that has been repeated over and over again, while the cycle is great for puck possession it is not helping this team put the puck in the net.

If Miller can see the shot he will stop it. The Flyers seem to go through these funks where they get a lot of shots and nothing to show for it, quantity over quality in this case is not working. The power play is absolutely killing this team.

Despite all the bad calls last game the Flyers had their chances especially on the power play. This needs to be fixed right now if they want be playing in round two. How do they do that ? I am sure Laviolette is looking for this answer as he has for most of the season.

Step Up Players




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It has been announced that Chris Pronger out for game 5 tonight. So replacing him as my Step Up Player is Meszaros, look for him to throw his body around more tonight.