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Flyers Look For Two In A Row In Edmonton


The Philadelphia Flyers (33-19-7) will continue on their four game road trip as they head to Alberta tonight to take on the Edmonton Oilers (23-30-6) in their only matchup of the season. 


The Flyers enter tonight's game fresh off a thrilling 5-4 overtime victory versus the Winnipeg Jets, a team the Flyers are now 1-2-1 against this season.


It took the heroics of James Van Riemsdyk, Wayne Simmonds, Jaromir Jagr and Daniel Briere to salvage the win in a span of five minutes. Simmonds redirected a pass from a flying JVR to tie the game at four with just 10 seconds left in the third. 


Then with time running out in overtime, Briere out worked two Jets players and back handed a pass to Jagr who netted the pass with just 44 seconds left relieving the entire Flyers team of the pressures they would have had to face in the shoot-out. 


The over-time winner was Jagr's 16th of his career a new NHL record.





The Flyers are looking for their first win in Edmonton in 11 years.


Flyers are 19-9-2 on the road.


Flyers won the last meeting between the two teams on March 8, 2011.


Edmonton will try to avoid their fourth straight loss at home.


Edmonton scored six unanswered goals in their 6-1 win in Calgary Tuesday 



Larry's Logic


Philadelphia and the immediate surrounding areas are mostly blue collar towns who work hard for their money and escape the everyday grind through sports. 


These fans who work hard weekly and find the money to attend a professional sporting event in Philadelphia just expect the players to put forth a solid effort on a nightly basis, essentially earning their paycheck. 


This is a truthful town and folks tell it like it is in this city, something some people have a tough time adjusting to. The fans welcome and except these players as family from day one and only family can criticize family. It is tough love but love none the less. 


These players are only in the city for a few years or so then move on through trades, free agency and retirement, leaving the fans to welcome a new batch of hopefuls. 


So is it wrong to expect a player to care or be as passionate about his team and adopted city as much as a life long fan? 


They should as with any person or company they work for, caring equals pride and you should take pride in your work.


 Another piece to this are the owners. Should the owners of all four sports teams start looking for more mentally tough thick skinned athletes when committing millions of dollars to a player? 


There have been too many players who have gone through Philadelphia who were not mentally tough enough to last here and were shipped out. Here are a few familiar names; Shawn Bradley, Jeff Hackett, and Scott Rolen. 


Jeff Hackett's story was an interesting one as the Flyers cited vertigo and sent him packing in the middle of the season, never to be heard from again.



Step Up Players








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Mark Trible's picture

Great insight on the city and its relationship to players, Larry!

Larry DAngelo's picture

Thanks Mark!

Mark Trible's picture

It really does take a different kind of guy to thrive in Philly over a long period of time.

Larry DAngelo's picture

Yeah your not kidding there, just driving around here you need to thick skinned, athlete or not you will be told what your doing wrong. Angry Angry