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ECS Game 4: Flyers Try To Avoid Sweep

It's funny how life works sometimes, as I sit here thinking of what I want to write in this preview I find myself lacking the motivation to put any real effort into this blog, kind of like the way the Flyers have played in this series.

Seriously though, it is weird how it affects people in different ways, as I am sure if the Flyers were up 3-0 I would be fired up about writing this.

What a totally different feeling this game four is compared to last season's game four. This year's team is not even close to playing at the same level they were at this time last year.

With the Flyers backs against the wall and their declining play in the defensive zone, it is hard to vision this team winning an elimination game in Boston's house.


The Philadelphia Flyers have an all time record of 30-34 when they are facing elimination and have won six of their last seven elimination games.

1974-The first time the Flyers and Bruins met in the playoffs.

Six- Including this year,the number of playoff meetings between these two teams.

1978-The last time these two teams met before last season's historical matchup

Captain Obvious-This is the second year in a row the Flyers and Bruins met this round with the Bruins taking a 3-0 series lead.

Game 3 Highlights

This is a long highlight video, couldn't find a shorter one.

Larry's Logic

With the goalie situation as bad as it can be, the Flyers coach will now start Bobrovsky in goal tonight as his team faces elimination. This maybe too late as Bob should have stayed in game three when Boosh left with an injury.

Bob came on and held his own for ten minutes and looked like he was on his game. He has been quick to pull Bob as we saw in the Buffalo series, he should have been given more of a chance in that series. Needless to say Bob is really their only shot left to give this team some life.

He will have to have the performance of his life tonight to give the Flyers the confidence they need to play a respectable playoff game. If this team can't avoid turnovers and pick up open players in the defensive zone it really won't matter who is in net.

This team needs to play their best game of the season tonight as the Bruins will come out strong, like they did in game three, looking to end any thoughts of a Flyers comeback. Hopefully this team can extend the season by a game or two as expecting another 3-0 comeback is just unrealistic.

Let's Go Flyers !!!!! Let's Go Flyers !!!!! Let's Go Flyers !!!!! Let's Go Flyers !!!!!

Step Up Players

Sergei Bobrovsky
Richards (it starts with the Captain)



George Prax's picture

If I were you, I'd put your step up players as the entire team at this point.

Larry DAngelo's picture

Yeah I hear that, their team play has sucked lately , but it has to start somewhere and I hope those 3 can step it up tonight and get things started.