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ECS Game 3: Trouble Bruin For Flyers ?

The Flyers once again find themselves down 2-0 against the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semi final round, trying to avoid total repeat of last post season's matchup.

The Flyers had a tough time against Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins in game 2 and tonight will be facing the badly accented Bruin fans. The other advantage the Bruins will have tonight is last change on face-offs.

While the Flyers had problems with the Krejci line in game one they seem to have kept him in check until over time by using Mike Richards' line in game 2. It will be interesting to see how many times Laviolette can get the matchup he had in game two as Claude Julien will avoid that matchup all game tonight.

The only way the Flyers will be able to get Mike Richards and company on the ice with the Krejci line will be with a quick shift after the face-off, this is not easy and will pose a challenge for the Flyers tonight.

Game 2 Highlights

Larry's Logic

The Flyers have a lot of waking up to do if they want to stay in this series as history would be hard to repeat this time around. The feeling of these playoffs are so much different than last year's.

For one the Flyers were playing playoff hockey for the whole last month of the season last year and were playing at a high level, even though their record did not reflect it. In the payoffs last year in was much more a team effort than this season, players were breaking bones and faces in order to keep the puck out of the Flyers net.

Not to mention they had goalie issues all season and happen to grab a hot goalie off of waivers and rode him as far as a lifetime AHL goalie could do. This season was a totally different experience down the stretch for the team and fans as the Flyers surrendered the Eastern Conference crown with their poor play , but managed to hang on to the Division title.

Coming into this year's playoff the Flyers once again entered with questions in goal, but more importantly their defensive team play is mind boggling. At times often suffering mental lapses in their own zone giving up leads they worked hard to obtain, just like they did in game two in this series.

Normally your goalie should be able to help sustain the pressure during those lapses, unfortunately for the Flyers they have not received those types of performances since Bobrovsky was hot the first two months of the season.

The Flyers entered this season with goalie questions right from the jump, Leighton weak goal game six and back issue, Bobrovsky unknown rookie who doesn't speak english, and Boucher who came in coming off of two knee injuries that knocked him out of last years playoffs.

No fan should be surprised as to what is happening in the playoffs with the Flyers goalie play. One of the things that had me fuming in these last two home games were the BOOOOSH chants after making a routine save. Is this what the goaltender situation has done to the fans here in Philly, cheering the average save ?

The other would be the re-entry of Boucher after leaving the game because of injury causing Bobrovsky to be thrown into the fire for ten minutes. Bob played great in those minutes , and for those ten minutes I thought here is his chance to take the team from here. He has the talent to make those spectacular saves which would give this team some momentum at times in the game where they need a boost.

Boosh coming back was a shocker, he looked hurt enough not to return. It would be understandable if he was a clear cut number one and this team couldn't move on with out him, but that is not the case.

Now he will dress tonight and play injured to some extent, is this fair to the rest of the team ? I almost see it as a Brad Lidge move, "I am fine" , "nothing to see hear", then stink up the joint. Let's hope this is not the case and I am totally off my rocker here.

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Seriously, I can't go 0-3 as a Flyers fan. Let's do this!

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They just paaaaked their caaaaa in our haaaabaaaa. Is the trend that we just show up every other game? When we played our butts off in Game 2 and still lost, that pretty much sealed their fate for me. I just hope they salvage a win or 2 for pride. That whole "coming back down 3-0" from last year is stupid and I wish the announcers would stop talking about it. It's a good story but a ridiculous assumption.