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ECS Game 2: Flyers / Boston

With the way the Philadelphia Flyers played in game one against the Boston Bruins, Ed Snider should pay the US Special Forces, the ones who found and killed Bin Laden, to search for the Flyers game that has been missing since the All-Star break.

In all seriousness the Flyers have to come out tonight full of energy hitting anything that moves. It shouldn't be hard tonight as the Flyers organization always plays "God Bless America" before every home playoff game, and with the killing of Bin Laden last night, the Wells Fargo Center will be off the hook.

Personally I love that this song is played and Kate Smith is used along with Lauren Hart as part of a duet. This song is history for the Flyers organization and I am sure many fans and organizations across North America would rather hear the Star Spangled Banner, and that is what makes me like it even more.

Larry's Logic

Not sure why this team thinks they need some kind of adversity to show up for a game, a playoff game none the less. It is getting to be an old excuse that makes no sense, as this team should be ready for any game let alone a playoff game.

A lot of fans paid good money for game one tickets expecting their team to put forth the effort that is Flyers hockey. Those folks did not get any where close to their moneys worth in that game, in fact you can say some lost even more as the building did not stay full for long.

The defensive play of this team is just baffling and it has been this way since the All-Star break. There are too many times that this Flyers team leaves players wide open around the net, often not staying with their man. It is getting tiring watching this team play in their defensive zone.

On many occasions this team watches the opposing team create scoring opportunities, much like the fans do in the comfort of their own homes. Take a look tonight you will definitely see this happen, along with one of the Flyers standing in front of the net policing the area while not covering anyone.

They have to stop turning the puck over in their own zone hanging their goalie out to dry. Aside from those issues their is always the goalie issue for the Flyers whether it be theirs or the opposing goaltender. In this case it is both, they need to get better performances from Boucher while trying to put the puck past the non-conventional goalie style of Tim Thomas.

If you have been watching the other playoff series this season you will see how a real goalie picks up his team with an outstanding save or two a game. This gives the team a lot of confidence allowing them to concentrate on taking chances in the offensive zone. Boucher is average and when he is not stopping the ones he is suppose to it makes matters even worse.

If Boucher falters again tonight , Laviolette has no option but to go with Bobrovsky the rest of the way. He is the one goalie on the roster that can get hot and make the incredible saves this team needs during games, he just hasn't had enough of an opportunity in these playoffs.

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Go Flyers! I feel the comeback... bruin' Smile

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Nice one Prax !