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Day 1 at Flyers Camp

On a crisp, sunny, Saturday morning, the Flyers opened training camp at the Skate Zone in Vorhees NJ.The parking lot was packed and both rinks were full of faithful Flyer fans showing their appreciation for the Stanley Cup playoff run of last year.

The first crew on the ice were the injured players. Ville Leino, Blair Betts, Johan Backlund, and Chris Pronger, all wearing yellow jerseys except Pronger, who was in a black jersey. These players were on the ice with 2 coaches doing drills and shooting on Backlund. Ville Leino looked real good and was beating Backlund during the drills by picking the high corners.
It was encouraging to see Pronger out there skating pretty good and participating as much as he could in some of the drills. He basically hung back in the drills and was feeding passes to a breaking Leino or Betts. After they were done with the drills they left the ice, all but Pronger, he stayed and did some extra skating.
The zamboni came on and got the ice ready for the big club. The Flyers would be coming out next.When the Flyers finally came out they were greeted with the "Lets Go Flyers" chant by the packed skate zone crowd.
After taking a few laps around the rink and lasily taking shots on goal the team broke into groups and began organized break out drills. These drills started by doing half ice break-ins on goal on both ends of the rink. The next drill was a dump into the defensive zone and breaking out starting with a pass from the goaltender.
Bill Guerin was centering Briere and Hartnell taking the place for the injured Leino. If Guerin is signed ,he probably would not be on that line as Laviolette has stated he would like to keep the Playoff line together. Bill Guerin did not look out of place during the drills and was skating pretty good.
The passing was crisp and clean . The breakouts were fluent and well timed. Not too many mis reads out there. There was a time or two where Zherdev did not break the right way during a drill, but he was quick to recover and keep the drill moving.
All in all it was a good day at camp. Unfortunately they did not scrimmage today so it was a little difficult to tell what condition the players came into camp. It was also tough to evaluate the goalies during the drills . They all looked as good as they could have on this first day. There will be plenty of evaluation time for the goalies,maybe even a controversy or two.
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I am worried about Leighton being the full time starter. He has to only play about 50 or so games in the regular season this year.He will get burned out if he plays much more than that. Just look at Miller,Brodeur,Lunquist,Luongo they play way too much in the regular season and it shows at play off time. Boucher will have to be replaced because he is not good enough to play the other 32. That's what baffled me about the off season moves. Could have gotten that 32 game starter for about 1mil. Backlund will have to step it up. I would like to say Brobrovsky but he brings a 1.75mil cap hit and someone would have to go because Boosh makes under a mil. I can't wait to see what line and who Zherdev skates with.