Better With Popcorn

Link Checks 11/07/11

That was a heck of a win over Columbus on Saturday. I mean, it was only the Blue Jackets, but it's nice to win big over a bad team. Unfortunately, the Flyers only play once this week.

From TCL:

Prior to the game on Saturday, the Flyers were looking for a rebound win.

They got it.

The Trenton Titans did not fare as well this weekend.

From Elsewhere:

This is too crazy not to include... former NHLer Andrei Nazarov fought KHL fans off with a stick.

Zac Rinaldo will not face any discipline for his hit to the head in the game against Columbus.

The Flyers injuries are actually happening at a good time for the team.

What's on tap for the Flyers this week?

Wayne Simmonds decisions on when to fight, and his skill in the fights are pretty impressive.