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Got A Little Captain in Us?

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“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.”

Flip-Cup, Beer Pong, Keg Stands — Welcome to Philadelphia.

Following the Flyers 5-3 loss to Washington, Captain Mike Richards had another incident with the Flyers’ media following the game.

The incident grew so heated that Peter Laviolette had to step behind Richards and the writer in the locker room.

This isn’t the first time Richards had an incident with the stories written about himself and his crew. And by ‘crew’ I mean his friend crew; the younger boys that live in center city. Richards went about a month without talking to the media because of stories written in the local papers about Joffrey Lupul and his keg stands.

The problem is some of the writers think that Richards may be still having a little bit too much fun.

Without knowing all of the ins-and-outs, I will give you my take on the whole situation.

Mike Richards is a very successful professional athlete at 24 years old, living in one of the best cities in America. Of course he is going to go out, have a good time and drink. I have no problem with the Captain of the Flyers doing that. Hell, I would be doing the same.

He is a figure in the city and deserves to have fun and live-it-up.

If that is affecting Richards’ play, then it could become a bit of a problem, but there is no proof of that. When writers and reporters hear of such stories and they see Richards’ play on the ice sometimes, it may look lackadaisical, and they think it could be because of his nightlife.

If these writers truly think that is the problem, they ask him about it. And that’s where the problem to me, comes in.

Mike Richards doesn’t want to be classified as a party boy, who cares more about beer pong than winning games for the Flyers – so why do writers and reporters feel the need to ask him about his nightlife?

Sometimes writers think they’re bigger than the game and deserve to know every little thing about a player and the team, and that’s the problem. Do you really think if he’s asked about going out, he is going to admit that it has affected his game? No.

Writers have the right to ask anything they want, but there is a point where common courtesy and trust comes into play.

Maybe the whole point to this is that Mike Richards was never ready to wear the ‘C’ for the Flyers. Maybe there is too much pressure on him. Maybe he never got a chance to truly mature and develop into a Captain.

But with a team struggling as much have the Flyers have all season and looking like dogpoop in their last two – this is the last thing the Flyers need.

Was Mike Richards truly ready to wear the C in Philly? We’ll never know the truth to that. But since he’s been named the Captain, I think his game has changed for the worst, not better.

Some of the transcript of the argument can be found here in Tim Panaccio’s story :

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