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Flying again?

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The Philadelphia Flyers have a three-game winning streak.

Oh happy days.

Following their 4-1 thrashing by the Florida Panthers at home, the Flyers got their winning ways started in Tampa Bay defeating the Lightning 5-2, then shot up the coast and beat Carolina 4-3, in a shootout and just last night, got the best of the Islanders, 2-1.

Are the Flyers back? Of course not. In fact, I don’t think this team will make the playoffs, or think they deserve too.
They deserved the win in Tampa, they had a lack-luster second period and played horrible, but they were playing the Lightning – a real contender puts the Flyers away. Then two days later, they couldn’t even hold on to a three-goal lead in Raleigh against the pitiful Hurricanes.

Up 2-0 after the second period and 3-0 in the third, somehow this team let the Carolina Hurricanes score three third period goals. After the five minute overtime – they actually won the shootout.

The Flyers game last night in Long Island was a bright spot. The team only got into town around 3:30 a.m. and had to play a 5 p.m. game, and that is tough.

Surprisingly the Flyers had their legs and the line of Hartnell-Carter-Briere dominated. Hartnell was up to his usual tactics – not capitalizing on chances and taking stupid penalties but he was out there giving 100%, and you can never question his heart. Carter and Briere are playing well in the offensive zone and generating lots of chances. Briere single handedly took over the game scoring a goal (should have had two) and was flying all over the ice.

So for some reason the NHL will make the Flyers play in New York against the Ranger on Dec. 30th. In my opinion, way too close to the Winter Classic -- could be a big letdown game for the Flyers as they look ahead to Fenway.

What I liked over the last three-game trip – Michael Leighton.
If you could, can you please tell me what makes Ray Emery better than Michael Leighton? Because right now (since he’s got the starts with Boucher out) I haven’t seen anything that Emery does better than Leighton.

So do you think this team is good enough to make the playoffs? Are they good enough to hang with the Caps, Devils, Sabres and Pens?
Hell, even some teams with a bunch of kids who are competing for spots would give the Flyers fits.

Just because the Flyers have won three in a row doesn’t mean everything is fixed and fine in Flipadelphia (To all of my It’s Always Sunny viewers). In fact, despite the wins, the Flyers still need everything they needed last week.

A goalie. A proven consistent offensive threat. A defenseman who doesn’t turn into a Pylon every night.

The sooner the Flyers’ brass realizes it’s not 1975, the sooner this team takes a step in the right direction.

Don’t get me wrong, the Flyers can ‘win’ with this group.

But define ‘win’. Is it making the playoffs year after year, or is actually winning the grand prize?

Because I’m sick of winning, making the playoffs and getting embarrassed by a real contender.

How about you?

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