Better With Popcorn

Flyers host Florida

There isn’t much to say about tonight’s match-up besides this – it’s a big game, and quite frankly, a must win. Coming off a 4-3 shootout victory over Boston in the Winter Classic preview, and snapping a three-game losing skid, this game is huge in gaining momentum for the future.

You read my blog about the completely different line combination’s to get some of the players moving, let’s hope it works.

Here’s a great preview on the Flyers’ website.

Also, Mike Richards is taking out some recently published stories about Joffrey Lupul on the reporters. Shouldn’t he have better things to worry about?

It all started after the Philly boys (Carter, Lupul, Hartnell, Richards, etc.) had one too many nights out in the city and reports questioned their partying to have an influence on their game.

Long story short – Lupul got ripped in some stories – now Richie is pissed and not answering media questions. And if he does, one of two word answers… like this…

Asked about the shootout win, “It’s big.”

Asked about contributions from the third and fourth lines, Richards replied, “Also big.”

Asked about losing games in the past the Flyers deserved to win, he interrupted the question, laughing, “Why bother?” and then said, “It’s great” to win a shootout.