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Flyers Fans React - pt. eight

For today’s Flyers Fans React, we are joined by Zach Damico. Zach was my roommate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is one of the biggest and most passionate Flyers fans I have ever met. He’s played hockey since he was five years old and continues to coach the game, today. You can follow him on here: @Chachi2012

DL – Do you think the Olympic break will help or hurt a team like the Flyers?

ZD - If you would have asked me this a few months ago I would have said it would of help out a whole hell of a lot. But seeing how the Flyers seemed to start to click in the last five or six games before the break, I think it may hurt. They were on a nice winning streak and were playing very well up until the (Olympic) break.

DL – Do these Winter Games have any more of an impact on the rest of the year for guys like Mike Richards and Chris Pronger compared to the rest of the team, who’s been off for two weeks+?

ZD – I think it does just because of all the hype surrounding these games since they’re in Maple Leaf land and seeing how Richie and Prongs play for the home team. They are sort of caught up in the ‘playoff’ atmosphere right now being in the knockout tournament, so yeah I think there is more meaning there for the year for those two.

DL - What are your expectations of the Philadelphia Flyers this season, from here on out?

ZD – If the Flyers can come out here Tuesday and pick-up where they left off, I think the Flyboys may have a chance to make some noise. I myself, am hoping they can grab the fourth spot come playoff time, but in reality, I think solidifying the sixth spot wouldn’t be all that bad for the Flyers. I think they (the coaches) need to just let Michael Leighton carry them out the rest of the way and see if he can handle it. Leights has shown he can do good things for the Flyers and they/we need that.

DL – What’s the best part of being a Flyers fan?

ZD – Haha, well for me living in Western Pa. the best part would be when the Flyers beat the Pens or go further than them in the playoffs. Obviously that’s been tough these past few years. But other than that I love how passionate Flyer fans are, how much they love and respect the game of hockey and being a part of that gives you a really good feeling. Also, Flyer fans are very upfront with their team if you’re doing badly they let you know, if you’re doing great they let you know. You don’t see a lot of that around the NHL.

DL – Who is your favorite Flyer and why?

ZD –Past = John LeClair. He’s the reason I am a Flyers fan, I tried to model my game after him when I was playing amateur hockey. He was such a force but yet had that skill set that let him succeed in the game and win a cup, along with playing in the Olympics.

Present = Claude Giroux. He has so much potential in this league, and for the Flyers it’s disgusting. He is showing signs of being a game-changer along with dangling through an entire team. I love his speed and skill set along with his tenacious style of play. He’s not afraid to through a huge hit or drop the gloves if need be and that’s what I love about that kid.

Coming tonight I have a Gold Medal game preview with CrashTheCrease’s Joe Depto.