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Flyers Fans React - 2

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(EDITIOR’S NOTE: Interview was done before the firing of John Stevens)

This is the second edition of my weekly blog called ‘Flyers Fans React,’ and with us we have Jodie Smola.

Jodie is a huge hockey fan and if she could, would pretty much even watch hockey being played on a frozen pond. She grew up in the Philly area and bleeds Orange-and-Black, even though she is currently displaced and in Caps territory at the moment. She loves going to games and taking photos.

It’s time for Jodie to voice her opinion.

DL - Should John Stevens be the head coach of the Flyers?

JS - That's a dangerous question. I'm aware of the fire John Stevens sentiment.

I think he was a good AHL coach and that he's great at developing confidence in younger players, but I'd prefer to look at the answer a little differently. There is obviously something wrong with the team and something needs to change. What can actually change? The players are essentially locked in place so you have to turn and look. The team isn't getting it done. Is it a leadership, coaching or management issue? It's pretty irrelevant because the only thing that can really change is Stevens. Either they need to get it done or someone needs to do something.

DL – No.

DL - What type of coach would you like to see behind the bench?

JS - I'll keep this one short: someone who isn't afraid to throw something at a player and hit him. Politically correct version? Someone who doesn't care if he's liked as long as he gets it done.

DL – I’ve always said, someone who calls out players through the media isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a head coach, you have to spark some sort of ‘fear’ in your plays. Great answer.

DL - If you were head coach of this team, what would you do to right the ship? How would you get the Flyers to compete at a higher level night-in and night-out?

JS - For the love of God, I'd unbury Claude Giroux! The kid has the sickest hockey skills I've seen in a long time. If he needs to play with Briere, Gagne or JVR, give them to him. Give him whatever he wants. Carter? Just stick him on Richie's wing. Practices? How about you keep doing it until you can do it perfectly while sleepwalking? That's where I'd start.

DL – G-man needs to play Center and get top-six minutes, move Carter on Richards’ wing, for good. And like you said, practices aren’t intense enough.

4. What’s the best part of being a Flyers fan?

JS - Oh, how do you choose? No matter where you go, there we are. We're everywhere even when you don't expect it. There's always a sense of belonging between us. We're always going to be the Broad Street Bullies no matter how soft the team is. We rarely do poorly. We definitely have to be most intimidating fans in the league - that's definitely my badge of honor ;) We bleed O-&-B from birth and are true hard-core hockey fans. Yeah, that's the best part.

DL – Wear your badge with honor Jodie, wear it with honor.

DL - What are your expectations of the Philadelphia Flyers this season, as a fan? Contender or pretender?

JS - I always expect us to be a contender. We're usually a solid team. I think every player ever to sport the O-&-B knows we expect them to bring home the cup. So year in, year out, that's what I expect. It doesn't matter who's on the team, I expect them to bring us an amazing season.

DL – Coming into the season my hopes were high, they still are, but I think all the questions this team had to answer and still lingering. But like you said,Flyers fans always expect a playoff season.

6. Who is your favorite Flyer and why?

Claude Giroux. He owns amazing hockey skill along with a whole lot of heart. Who could forget him in the playoffs last year? Although I have to admit, I really do like Lappy this year, but Claude Giroux is still my number one.

Thank you for the time Jodie, I hope you all enjoyed it. You can follow Jodie @phillysunshine.

Sorry for the pic Praxy, I had to.

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