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Flyers Fans React

This is the first edition of my weekly blog called 'Flyers Fans React'.

Each week I will feature a Flyers fan and ask them some questions about the Orange-and-Black.

Our first guest is is Don Sabara. Mr. Sabara has been a Flyers fan since the '85-'86 season and has rarely missed a game since the '90-'91 season.

DL - The Flyers were on a stretch, winning seven of eight games, only to lose their next three in a row earlier this week - what must the Flyers do to win at a more consistent basis?

DS - I think the team being decimated by injuries is the biggest factor right now. But losing Blair Betts is a huge piece of the puzzle. His ability to win the face-off really sets the team up offensively.

DL - I totally agree with you, the injuries have been very untimely and key players are out, however I still think the Flyers should be winning at a MUCH more consistent basis with the talent still on the ice.

DL - Why do you think the Flyers are such a streaky team?

DS - The teams streaky play goes back a few years and the only things that have been a constant is the coaching staff. I also believe that Coach Stevens likes to juggle the lines too much.

DL - See above ^

DL - If you could change two things about the Flyers, what would it be?

DS - Well, the first thing that this team needs is a new coach. I believe we need a coach that will be able to motivate this group a little more. And as I said before, the line juggling has to stop. I know I'll catch heat for this but I believe that the C needs to go to Pronger. I absolutely love watching Ritchie play and think he does have right stuff for the C but Pronger has the past experience that makes all the difference in the world.

DL - I like Richards as captain - but I think he has a lot more growing to do. At times I wish he was more of a vocal leader - but I think he is learning. But I see where you are coming from.

DL - What's the best part of being a Flyers fan?

DS - The best part of being a Flyers fan, reputation! This team will always be known as the Broad Street Bullies even when you have guys like Claude Boiven and Jason Bowen.

DL - Great answer, haha.

DL - What are your expectations of the Philadelphia Flyers this season, as a fan? Contender or pretender?

DS - My expectations are to win the cup this year. There are a few things need to come together to make that happen. Razor needs to find his groove, Timonen has to come back to his shutdown ways, and the team needs to find a way to become more consistent. If this doesn't happen, boom, pretender.

DL - With the Flyers recent trouble, I think Razor has been OK, but the team in front of him needs to get in gear. And although Chairman Ed Snider told the media at the beginning of the year this is the best group of d-men complied at the same time, ever - the defense has been terrible.

DL - Who is your favorite Flyer and why?

DS - If were talking current Flyer, Mike Richards. He does everything well and never gives up on a play. I love when he get's that "hop on my back and we'll win this" look to his game. He wants to put every shot through the twine and every pass on the tape. ...If were talking all time, Ron Hextall. That guy was a little off and I loved to watch him stand on his head and chop down players.

I'd like to thank Don for taking the time to do this, and I hope everyone enjoyed it.