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Link Checks 5/9/2012

93 games came and went in the 2011-12 season for the Philadelphia Flyers.  Their last one ended in a loss to the New Jersey Devils, as the Devils advanced to the next round, winning the series 4-1 (  Claude Giroux, who was seen at the end of the game just staring blankly with Kimmo Timonen (Twitter), says it should have been a tighter series (CSNPhilly).  There were many positives and negatives from the season, and they all came to an abrupt end last night (The Hockey Guys).

It was an up-and-down season, and goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov capped it all off with a blunder which eventually stood as the game winning goal for the Devils (Delco Times).  He did play great the rest of the games though, and the series loss to the Devils is not even close to being his fault (The Hockey Writers).

There was one good thing that came out of the playoffs this season, though: It was an experience-gaining time for the Flyers youngsters.  Guys like Schenn, Couturier, and Read gained a lot of experience, and it will help them big time if the Flyers do make a run next season.  Regardless, the Flyers style of play must change (CSNPhilly).  Much like the Rangers and Bruins did, the Devils used a familiar blueprint when dominating the Flyers (SB Nation Philly).

With the season end here, the old guys consider retirement, just like Teemu Selanne does every year.  The one guy this year who the spotlight will be on: Jaromir Jagr.  The superstar returned to play in the NHL this past season, and he said it was “his most enjoyable year ever” and that he loved it (The 700 Level).  He’s unsure of his future, and this season end may mark his final salute (CSNPhilly).

Retirement isn’t all the talk though after a long, grueling NHL season.  Many players finally admit to having injuries, some more serious than others.  One is Kimmo Timonen.  Everyone knows he’s a warrior and that he’ll do anything to stay in the lineup.  This postseason, he suffered a knee ligament injury in Round 1 and continued to play (TCL Flyers).  Much like Jagr, this could mark the end of Timonen’s career, although he does have one year left on his contract (Daily News).  Defenseman Nicklas Grosmann also suffered a knee injury, and is still waiting to hear from doctors and GM Paul Holmgren on how he will go about handling that situation (TCL Flyers).

Now, there’s just one series left to be decided...

The Rangers and Caps will face off tonight, and, if necessary, Saturday evening.  In the last game, the Rangers won a thrilling game, scoring with 6.6 seconds left then going on to win in overtime.  They can’t let those exciting emotions get the best of them though, and they have to start from scratch (


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