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Link Checks 5/4/2012

There was more effort shown by the Flyers in Game 3 than in Game 2, but it still wasn’t enough.  Losing the one-on-one battles and races to the loose pucks, along with mental mistakes, cost the Flyers in Game 2 as the Devils won 4-3 in overtime (TCL Flyers).  There was just no ‘jam’ whatsoever from the team (Hockey Buzz).  

The Devils’ cycle game was a big success.  It’s an interesting strategy and an effective one for sure (Orange and Black Pack).  It’s kind of like old times when the Devils used to dominate the Flyers (RLD Hockey).  Now down 2-1 the Flyers are the ones feeling the pressure (The Inquirer).

If there’s one thing that needs to improve: It’s the powerplay (The 700 Level).  The Flyers had two powerplays in the overtime period but couldn’t capitalize on either one.  It was stellar last series, but it’s now the complete opposite (Daily News).  Danny Briere said it himself: ‘The powerplay cost us.’ (CSNPhilly).  Briere wasn’t the only one to speak though.  Claude Giroux was the first one to admit he had to step his own game up (Delco Times).

As if losing wasn’t enough, the Flyers also lost a key member of their team in the process.  Sean Couturier injured his leg with less than five minutes remaining in the first period and did not return.  It is now being reported that he should be okay, though (TCL Flyers).  

The Flyers hope to have him back as he is the man who shuts down key players on the opposition, and now is the most opportune time of them all.  Ilya Kovalchuk, after being irrelevant in Games 1 and 2, made his presence felt in Game 3.  Everyone knows what level he can be at when playing his best, and the Flyers must find a way to stop him (CSNPhilly).

The Kings have taken total control of their series...

Last night, they beat the Blues 4-2 and took a 3-0 series lead (  They were the eighth and final spot in the Western Conference Playoff standings, and now they’re one game away from the conference finals.  Also in the West, the Coyotes and Predators will be playing tonight.  The Preds will look to even up the series (  The Caps’ and Rangers will play tomorrow afternoon.


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