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Link Checks 4/9/2012

There was a whole lot of build-up for Saturday’s Flyers-Penguins game on the final day of the NHL regular season.  It was a playoff preview (TCL Flyers) between two teams who can’t stand each other.  There was members from each organization talking trash like Crosby from the Pens (TCL Flyers) and Berube from the Flyers (National Post).  When the game came though, it was calm before the storm and the Penguins just took the practically meaningless game, 4-2 (CSNPhilly).

The real show will start this Wednesday (TCL Flyers).  The Flyers and Penguins will start yet another tough playoff series vs each other on April 11.  It will be another very intriguing series (RLD Hockey).

However, it’s a bit different this time around.  Sure, the Flyers are underdogs again (Orange and Black Pack).  Usually, the Flyers are hated league-wide, but it’s a completely different story this season (TCL Flyers).  Forward Scott Hartnell is enjoying all the popularity from fans around the league that he even made his presidential, errr...NHL 13 cover campaign video (TCL Flyers).

Back to the playoff picture:  The Flyers may have two key players back in time.  Nicklas Grossmann, who the Flyers have locked up for four more years (TCL Flyers), will definitely be back (CSNPhilly).  Danny Briere, however, isn’t definitely confirmed to be returning, but there are good signs pointing towards that (CSNPhilly).

The Flyers and Penguins are just one series though. Here’s a look at all of them:


The Rangers will be the top guns in the East and they’ll take on the Ottawa Senators.
Preview: ESPN

In the second seed, the Bruins will have home ice advantage over the Caps.

Preview: ESPN


The Florida Panthers earned the third seed on the last day of the regular season and they’ll face the Devils.
Preview: ESPN

The big one is of course the Penguins vs the Flyers.
Preview: Of Ice and Men


The Canucks and Kings will face-off in the first round, a series that will be tough for both teams.


Preview: ESPN

The Blues worked hard all year and earned the second seed in the West. They’ll vs the Sharks.

Preview: ESPN


The Coyotes won their division and will face the Hawks.
Preview: ESPN

The Predators and Wings will face off in another big playoff matchup.
Preview: Crimespree Hockey


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