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Link Checks 4/5/2012

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It’s almost that time of year again!  Every NHL team has just two games remaining, and some playoff races are going to come down to a photo finish.  Teams like the Buffalo Sabres are desperate for points, and that’s who the Flyers will be facing tonight.  Playing against these teams is never easy, and the Flyers will aim to sharpen up tonight vs the Sabres (TCL Flyers).  Bryzgalov will get the start (@DaveGIsaac) and he’ll look to shake off the rust (The Inquirer).

Before the game, the Flyers organization will host a ceremony to present the team’s annual awards.  Wayne Simmonds is in the running for two of these awards (TCL Flyers).

The awards that are given to deserving players are awards for what happened during the regular season.  A player who is not in the running for any of these is Danny Briere.  He usually becomes clutch every single time the playoffs start, but he may not this year (Flyers Faithful).

It will be great for the Flyers if he can, because they’ll need all the help they can defeating the Penguins.  The first round matchup could be official tonight.

1. Z - NY Rangers ATL 80 109 51 22 7
2. Y - Boston NE 80 98 47 29 4
3. * - Florida SE 80 92 37 25 18
4. X - Pittsburgh ATL 80 104 49 25 6
5. X - Philadelphia ATL 80 101 46 25 9
6. X - New Jersey ATL 80 98 46 28 6
7. X - Ottawa NE 80 92 41 29 10
8. Washington SE 80 88 40 32 8
9. Buffalo NE 80 88 38 31 10

* - Division Leader......X - Clinched Playoff Spot.......Y - Clinched Division.......Z - Clinched Conference

If the Devils lose to the Wings tonight in Detroit, it is a definite Flyers vs Penguins first round series (  Of course if the Flyers picked up a point against the Sabres it would also be set in stone.

It’s really a toss-up to see who gets home ice advantage in the series.  The Penguins could lock that up with a point vs the Rangers tonight (  In other action, the Senators and Bruins will be facing off in another very likely first round playoff match-up (

The most important game of the night though has to be the Panthers vs the Capitals.  The Panthers are in control of their own destiny and can be playoff spoilers for the Caps (


vs BUF  Thursday 4/5
@ PIT  Saturday 4/7
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