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Link Checks 4/12/2012

It’s very rare for a team to be losing 3-0 in a playoff game and come back and win it.  But this Flyers team isn’t your ordinary team.

After the first period, the Philadelphia Flyers faced a 3-0 deficit but lived up to their names of “Comeback Kids.”  They scored four unanswered goals, one which came in overtime to win it (TCL Flyers).  Jakub Voracek was the hero in the end (TCL Flyers).  Resiliency paid off yet again for the Flyers (SBNation Philly).

Schenn was sensational (TCL Flyers) while Briere lived up to his “Mr. Playoffs” title and scored two goals (TCL Flyers).  Briere now has 98 points in 98 playoff games, and that just speaks for itself (Hockey Buzz).

Special teams was one difference maker for the Flyers (TCL Flyers).  And the other? Ilya Bryzgalov.  Bryzgalov let in three goals, but they weren’t really his fault.  He played great after that and passed his first playoff test (The Hockey Guys).

Unfortunately the injury came at a cost.  Defenseman Marc-Andre Bourdon was injured sometime towards the end of the second period and didn’t return (TCL Flyers).  It is unknown whether or not he will play on Friday.  If he is unable to, Kubina may take his spot (Daily News).  All this was discussed on the latest edition of ‘Flyers Corner’ (TCL Flyers).

The Predators versed the Red Wings last night and the Canucks versed the Kings.


The Rangers and Senators will face off tonight.
Preview: ESPN


The Caps and Bruins will also be in action tonight.


Preview: Crimespree Hockey


The Florida Panthers earned the third seed on the last day of the regular season and they’ll face the Devils.
Preview: Crimespree Hockey


The Flyers and Penguins next game is tomorrow.



The Canucks beat the Kings, 4-2





The Blues and Sharks will battle each other.


Preview: ESPN


The 'Yotes and Hawks will faceoff tonight.


Preview: ESPN


The Predators defeated the Wings 3-2.




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