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Link Checks 4/11/2012

The best day for most hockey fans is finally here.  Any fan who has their team playing in the playoff has started to grow their beard, and couldn’t be more excited for the action to start.  For the lower half of the league,  their favorite day was probably yesterday when the NHL Draft Lottery took place.  The Oilers won the first overall pick for the third year in a row (The Checking Line).

I’m sure all those fans without their teams in though will still be tuning into the Flyers-Penguins series though.  The Flyers Corner crew previewed the series one more time before the game on the show last night (TCL Flyers).  Some things discussed were how the Flyers actually do have a realistic shot at beating Pittsburgh, despite many people predicting the Penguins to win (The Checking Line).  This is simply because the Flyers have been better (TCL Flyers).  

There’s still many questions surrounding the Flyers though heading into Game 1 (TCL Flyers).  One for example is about the goaltending of Ilya Bryzgalov.  He hasn’t been very good in previous postseasons, but he’s with a different team now.  He’ll look to make a mark with the opportunity given to him (SBNation Philly).  

Another is if the Flyers can play well with all the rookies, seeing they have no playoff experience.  Schenn seems like the type of player who will handle the playoffs just fine though and stand out among the rest (The 700 Level).  Maybe he’ll even score first, something the Flyers need to start doing because the “Comeback Kids” may not work in the playoffs (Orange and Black Pack).

The Checking Line will have live coverage of tonight and all the nights of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (TCL).  Tonight, the Flyers will be in Pittsburgh, the Red Wings will be in Nashville, and the Kings will be in Vancouver.  Here’s a list of all the series’:


The Rangers will be the top guns in the East and they’ll take on the Ottawa Senators.
Preview: ESPN

In the second seed, the Bruins will have home ice advantage over the Caps.

Preview: Crimespree Hockey


The Florida Panthers earned the third seed on the last day of the regular season and they’ll face the Devils.
Preview: Crimespree Hockey

The big one is of course the Penguins vs the Flyers.
Preview: Of Ice and Men


The Canucks and Kings will face-off in the first round, a series that will be tough for both teams.


Preview: ESPN


The Blues worked hard all year and earned the second seed in the West. They’ll vs the Sharks.


Preview: ESPN


The Coyotes won their division and will face the Hawks.

Preview: ESPN


The Predators and Wings will face off in another big playoff matchup.

Preview: Crimespree Hockey



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