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Link Checks 3/7/2012

As the regular season slowly winds down, the worries of Ilya Bryzgalov’s play are quickly fading.

The Flyers won their third game in a row last night when they beat the Red Wings 3-2 (TCLFlyers).  Bryzgalov, who had another funny post-game interview (The 700 Level), and the rest of the team played very impressive vs the Wings, who are just two points away from first place in the West.  Discussing goaltender matters for the Flyers, Bryzgalov seems to have everything under control at the moment, and players like Briere has nothing but good comments for him (  The Flyers did make a minor signing though, inking Ohio State goaltender Cal Heeter (Metro).

Nicklas Grossmann, like Bryzgalov, also stood out in last night's game. He’s proving his worth more and more every game (The Hockey Guys).

It was a special night for Mark Howe.  He looked back on his career during the ceremonial retiring of his number (TCLFlyers).  It wasn’t only special for him, though.  For all the fans who watched him play an illustrious career, and for all the fans in attendance, it was a night not to be forgotten (TCLFlyers).

The win unfortunately came at a high cost, though.  About halfway through the second period, Jake Voracek was on the other side of the famous Niklas Kronwall hit (YouTube), otherwise known as getting ‘Kronwalled.’  

He was very slow to get up, and it looked very likely that he would be concussed majorly.  However, teammates said he just has stitches in his mouth and seems to be fine (TCLFlyers).  He will be tested today though just in case (@howardeskin).  While he was shaken by the hit, Voracek did agree that it was clean (CSNPhilly).  Him, along with Jaromir Jagr, who is suffering from a hip injury, are both listed as day-to-day.

Another player who could also be hurt is Claude Giroux.  After taking a slash to the wrist in the Sunday game vs the Capitals, Giroux missed and missed an optional skate the next day.  If his wrist really is bothering him, you wouldn’t think it though by the way he dominated against the Wings (TCLFlyers).

Heading around the rest of the division...

1. Image preview 65 91 41 16 7
2. Image preview 65 83 39 21 5
3. Image preview 65 81 37 21 7
4. Image preview 66 79 37 24 5
5. Image preview 66 65 28 29 9

The Devils and Rangers faced off in yet another big rivalry game.  It wasn’t close like last time though, as the Devils dominated in the third to win 4-1 (  The Rangers are still flying high above the rest of the conference, but the end of the season stretch will be critical for them (The Hockey Guys).  The Devils and Islanders will play tomorrow night at the Prudential Center.

The Penguins will be in action tonight, though..  They’ll go up against the Maple Leafs, looking for seven straight wins (TSN).


vs FLA  Thursday 3/8
@ TOR  Saturday 3/10
@ NJ  Sunday 3/11
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